Gwendlyn Brown Reveals Dayton Is Possibly Living Where?

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Gwendlyn Brown opened up about where she thinks Dayton Brown could be living. The eldest son of Robyn and Kody Brown was rumored to have moved out of their lavish mansion. However, in a recent video posted by Gwen, she is spilling the tea and it might be a contradiction to something Robyn once said. Read on for more details.

Gwendlyn Brown Reveals Dayton Is Possibly Living Where?

For a time, there was speculation that Dayton had moved home with his biological father. He had been adopted by Kody in 2014 after the father of eighteen legally wed Robyn. Fans were also suspicious about Dayton’s whereabouts as the twenty-something was rarely seen in Season 17. Was he being hidden by his parents and for what reason? Now, Gwendlyn Brown is opening up as to where she suspects Dayton has been living.

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According to Starcasm, Gwendlyn talked about this in her latest YouTube video. She revealed that she believes Dayton is possibly living in an RV outside of Robyn and Kody’s home. This RV had been seen in episodes of Sister Wives and viewers had started to wonder if this was Dayton’s living quarters. Then, it was speculated that this was solely there for production. Now, Gwendlyn is sort of setting the record straight.

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As she did her YouTube Q&A where she takes questions from her Patreon, she shared that the RV is where she thinks Dayton lives “part-time.” However, Gwen cannot confirm this information. More so, she says this is very similar to when Janelle’s son, Garrison lived in an RV next to her rental. This was done during the pandemic out of safety precautions so the same may have been done for Dayton. Yet, there is one detail that must be addressed: Robyn’s judgment.

Judging The RV

When Janelle moved into her RV on Coyote Pass, she was excited to show it off to her sister wives and their kids. However, Robyn was not too thrilled with the decision to make this purchase or lifestyle choice. “I’m not a big fan of trailers. I don’t think anybody should have to live in them,” Robyn noted. Yet, somehow it is okay for her son? Maybe the accommodations in that RV are much better than what she saw in Janelle’s.

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Gwendlyn Brown did not say much more than that but she seems to be living a decent life in her apartment with her fiancee, Beatriz. She is making money off of her Patreon while also attending college. Plus, she is planning her wedding for July 2023 so there is a lot on her plate. It would definitely be interesting to see if Robyn or Dayton addressed him living in the RV.

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