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‘GMA’ Amy Robach’s Stepson Shares Shady Movie Scene?

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Amy Robach has been in the news cycle for over seven weeks. Never did she think her life would end up this way. Her stepson Nate hasn’t held back on sharing his thoughts about the alleged affair with TJ Holmes. He previously took to his Instagram Stories to call 2022 a “doozy” of a year in light of the news.

Nate is uncertain about his future as an actor. He doesn’t want his career to conflict with his stepmother’s personal life. Nate wants the entertainment industry to see him as a serious actor, especially as he continues to eye more roles. In the meantime, he shared a shady post about his stepmom.

Andrew Shue & Amy Robach Accept Award
[ADAPT Community | YouTube]

Nate Shue shares shady movie clip

On Thursday, January 19, Nate Shue posted on his Instagram Stories. He included a shot of himself on the couch with his dog. Amy Robach’s stepson gave a serious expression to the camera. Then he uploaded a shady movie clip from the film, The Notebook, which he’s been religiously watching lately.

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Nate shared a text message exchange he had with his brother Wyatt about the movie. He was trying to feel his inner romantic. However, things took a shady turn when he showed a clip of Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling talking about her mother. Rachel (Allie) shared her frustrations with Ryan (Noah).

The Notebook Scene [Nate Shue | Instagram Stories]
[Nate Shue | Instagram Stories]
“My mother is unconscionably rude. And my family don’t even pay any attention to them. They don’t mean anything. They just…” Allie says.

Noah grabbed her by the mouth to make her stop talking. He told her: “I’m really happy for you. Okay?” Allie responded: “Okay.”

It’s unclear why Nate shared this particular clip. He didn’t provide any context to it. It’s likely that he’s calling out his stepmother Amy Robach. Some fans noticed that he’s thrown some digs at Amy in recent weeks.

Amy Robach’s stepson continues to share more movie clips

On Friday, January 20, Nate returned to his Instagram Stories to share another movie clip. It appeared to be from a western. Nate captioned the clip: “I’m your huckleberry” and tagged his brother Wyatt. In the meantime, Amy Robach could lose her job due to the alleged affair.

Nate Shue Shares Posts [Nate Shue | Instagram Stories]
[Nate Shue | Instagram Stories]
Both TJ and Amy Robach hired lawyers as they await ABC’s decision. The network hasn’t made a formal announcement even though news swirled last week that they’ve both been fired. The pair started co-anchoring GMA3 in 2020. In a series of photos on Daily Mail’s report from late November, they had secret dates in Manhattan and a weekend getaway at a cottage upstate.

What are your thoughts on Amy Robach’s stepson? Do you think he posted a shady movie clip directed at her? Sound off below in the comment section.

Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news surrounding Amy Robach.

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  1. So their close to total out of ABC and GMA great. They deserve each other (ten to one they’ll be apart not to long in the future) Which brings the question, after she cheated on her ex and made headlines about her new partner and rub it in ex’s face the way they’ve cared on(probably a year ago)do you think they’ll want her opinion on anything because she was so upfront with her cheating and sleeping with Holmes and keeping in the news to keep being buddies with ex, wake up not in fairyland.

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