‘GMA’ Reaches Decision On Amy Robach & TJ Holmes?

TJ Holmes & Amy Robach [GMA | YouTube]

GMA has reportedly reached a decision concerning Amy Robach and TJ Holmes. The co-hosts went missing from the morning show in early December 2022. Producers scrambled as they figured out what to do with them. This came amid the reports that the two were seeing each other while married to other people.

ABC News launched an internal review of the situation. The network didn’t want to make a decision until the review was complete. Fans have been waiting to see if the two will return to the third hour of the morning. Now, it looks like the network has finally reached a decision.

TJ Holmes & Amy Robach [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]

Decision made on Amy Robach & TJ Holmes?

Multiple insiders shared ABC’s decision on GMA3: What You Need to Know co-anchors Amy Robach and TJ Holmes. The network decided not to bring back the fan favorites. The status of their future with the show came out on Friday, January 13. It turns out this day isn’t a lucky one for the GMA co-anchors.

“Amy and TJ are out, a decision has been made,” an insider told Us Weekly. “The network is negotiating with them on their exit deals and an announcement.”

If the report is true, ABC could make a formal announcement by early Monday morning. This comes after the two went suspended from the show for several weeks. A series of guest hosts have filled in for them during their hour of the morning show. Some of those fill-ins include Rhiannon Ally and DeMarco Morgan and Gio Benitez and Janai Norman.

Some fans have warmed up to their replacements. Meanwhile, others have asked GMA to bring back TJ and Amy. Most of them don’t care if they had an affair. They just want them back on the show.

For now, ABC hasn’t made an official statement about its status with the family-friendly network. Another source told Us Weekly the network hasn’t yet chosen their replacements. Guest hosts will continue to appear on the show. The two were suspended from the show one week after photos surfaced of the two looking cozy on numerous occasions in November 2022.

Not fired from GMA yet?

However, another report claims that TJ Holmes and Amy Robach aren’t fired from GMA yet. The two are lawyering up to secure that they win something out of this battle. Radar Online denied Us Weekly’s report. Their sources say that it’s not true.

If the two get fired, a lawsuit could quickly follow. Both of them hired hot-shot lawyers who will bring up questions about race. They want to know how they violated ABC’s moral clause. The pair feels it’s because this situation involved a Black man and a White woman.

TJ and Amy argue that they’re “two consenting adults.” They’re also in denial over what happened. The damages “could be enormous” if the situation gets to this point. The GMA co-anchors may also ruin their reputations and careers.

What are your thoughts? Do you think TJ Holmes and Amy Robach are fired? Or, do you think they still have a fighting chance? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. They’ve lied enough and don’t deserve to be believed their stories. Feel sorry for the spouses and the lies their were told,Holmes wife thought they were working their problems while the cheats were planning a getaway. They should be fired or seperate assignments till their contracts were up, can’t believe cheater, like Holmes for good example.

    1. They should not be fired. It is not the audience who should take judgement. They are two consenting adults. They had a very good show and a lot of viewership.

      1. I agree. I don’t want them fired. I loved them on the GMA 3show. They make the show fun to watch. I’ve only watched the show a few times since the have been gone. Their private lives are their own business.
        An avid viewer

  2. I think what they did is scandalous and hurtful to their mates. But their grown adults it is what it is. Firing them is not the answer. Amy left her husband who was with her when she had cancer that should have brought you even closer. Tj is going to leave her anyway soon he’s a whore. I’m glad his wife is strong because he’s slim.

  3. They should be fired. Disney is family oriented. This is not family conduct.They may be consenting adults, but there is a moral code. This is. not a race issue,it’s a lack of morals and being self centered. Be gone and good riddance. Their space is worth more than their company.

  4. I think they should jus leave them alone. If they are going to nitpick why didn’t they they reprimand Robin Roberts for being with a woman. That is disgusting!!!

  5. I think all the Holier than thou attitudes toward TJ and Amy will
    Come back to bite them in the ass. These purported Christian’s doing exactly what Jesus said not to do. Is there no forgiveness in their hearts for setting standards much higher than God sets for us? Please! I for one will not watch GMA, or GMA 2 or 3 or World News Tonight or 20/20 or anything else on ABC. You are a bunch of hypocrites. Family Values? Look up the definition!

  6. I believe that they both should apologize publicly And then they go back to work. They are adults That fell in love. They shouldn’t lose their livelihood.

    1. i agree with that. just come out of the wilderness & say we are boinking 2 ur bosses then if things goes wrong between them the boss says both of you need to work it out or both of you is gone.

  7. When does it become everybody’s business what consenting adults do in there lives only they should be concerned not the entire world

  8. it’s disgusting what they did especially both being married, lost all respect for both parties, no values or morals fire them both

  9. I want TJ and Amy back. The show is not the same without them. I think,and this is my own opinion, that as two consenting adults that were separated from their spouses, are entitled to fall in love. The heart wants what the heart wants. I believe that other persons, who think they walk on water, should stay out of this as I’m sure they have skeletons in their closet. If Walt Disney was alive he would not approve of same sex marriage. I’m not condemning since I have gay friends that are married I’m just saying, I’m not judging. Just bring them back, they are the reason people watch gma3

  10. Just bring them back! GMA 3 isn’t the same without them. I haven’t really watched it since they’re not on. While cheating is wrong it’s not something that should cost you your job.

  11. ABC when you live in a glass house don’t throw stones. I’m sure TJ and Amy aren’t the only ones. They just got caught.

  12. my opinion is TJ Holmes and Amy Robach should be given their position back on GMA3..it did not affect their performance on the job..what happen in theirprivate life did not affect the show and should not factor into their return..I think they are decent people and did not set out to get involved..

  13. I can’t believe this is still a big deal in 2023. 1 moment we (Americans) act like puritans, but we allow other foul things in the voice of freedom. I think they should be reinstated and keep their jobs.

  14. It looks as if the higher-ups at GMA are looking down on two consenting adults. They are the ones who should be ashamed of themselves. They want to judge some but not others. I guess they think its morally correct to support same sex marriage but condemn two consenting opposite sex adults for falling in love. Talk about hypocrisy, BRING TJ and AMY BACK to continue the good work they were doing.

  15. Leave them on the show…they do good reporting and can’t help they don’t love their spouses any longer….we’ve all been there !!!!

  16. I loved watching the show during my lunch break, TJ and Amy brought so much to the show. Let’s grow up. they never did anything t to compromise the show. If you don’t like it – Don’t Watch! I hope ABC loses a lot of viewers. It’s 2023 not the dark ages!

  17. very very bad decision not only is this going to cost GMA viewership..I’m not going to watch..but it’s wasn’t against company policy and TJ had prior relationships with other GMA employees. this is going to end up costing you big time financially because you know their lawyers are going to play the race card.

  18. What is abc DOING!!! This is 2023, not the dark ages. I never got fired because of private life!! I have a feeling that Robin& Laura had a whole lot to do with this! I will never watch good morning America again

  19. I think it is just overkill to fire them for falling in love at work. What other jobs do you get fired for having a relationship with a coworker? Many have found their significant other at work. When you spend that much time together these sort of things often happen. I really don’t understand what the big deal is.

  20. We never liked TJ to cocktail and she was a good but who could ever trust them around other wife’s or husbands…And Robin has nothing to do with this.

  21. Facts are coming out that TJ is and continues to be a PLAYER with other affairs with interns at ABC while married.Amy is just another affair. TJ will continue his ways and Amy will lose him and her job. Lust is lust. This isn’t love with consenting adults. This is pure LUST. They both need counseling 🧡

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