Did ‘The View’ Mention TJ Holmes & Amy Robach’s Affair?

Joy Behar Mentions GMA Scandal?

The View might’ve found a way to mention TJ Holmes and Amy Robach’s affair. They can’t mention them directly since they’re ABC employers. Fans have wondered why the talk show hasn’t mentioned the elephant in the room. However, the round table avoided the topic ever since the news broke in late November.

Joy Behar sneakily brings up the GMA scandal

In a recent broadcast of The View, Joy Behar talked about infidelity. She admitted that she will get into “trouble” for what she had to say during the live show. On Friday, January 6, the women discussed actress Gabrielle Union, who opened up about cheating on her first spouse.

She appeared on Dax Shephard’s Armchair Expert podcast where she shared that both she and her ex-husband Chris Howard cheated on each other. Gabrielle felt that she could get away with it since she paid “all the bills.” When she found out that Chris was cheating on her, she decided to betray him back.

The View Panel [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
Joy took on the role of moderator during Whoopi Goldberg’s absence. She shifted the conversation from cheating to workplace romance. It seemed like she had TJ Holmes and Amy Robach on the brain, as many viewers do during this time. The two remain off the air until ABC concludes its internal review.

“I’ll get in trouble, but whatever,” Joy said before adding, “Like, you’re married, you’re not happily married, the sex is like [yawning]. Both sides are bored with the whole thing or you’re fighting a lot, but there are children involved.”

Joy Behar & Sara Haines [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
Joy mentioned those who “meet somebody at the office” where “you have a fling.” She coyly looked back at the camera when she said it. The View co-host explained that some people “want to keep the marriage together” for the sake of the kids. Joy asked her co-hosts if “there’s justification for that scenario.” The panel shared their input while tip-toeing around the obvious story.

The View fans buzzed about TJ Holmes & Amy Robach

During the episode, The View fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts. Most are convinced that Joy mentioned TJ and Amy’s situation. The two allegedly cheated on their respective spouses. They worked on the set of Good Morning America, where they fell in love.

  • “So #GrandmaJoy really just brought up #TJandAmy on the sneak.”
  • “Joy is easing ’em in today.”
  • “Ole Sneaky Link, Joy!”
  • “Look at Joy trying to talk about the ABC cheating scandal without mentioning Amy and TJ’s names.”
  • “Did Joy try to talk about the ABC cheating scandal?”

In November, TJ and Amy were spotted on a string of dates in New York. The two were allegedly involved in a six-month affair. Both of them are going through private divorces after the news broke. They want to settle it out of the public eye while their future on the show is up in the air.

What are your thoughts? Do you think sneaky Joy Behar was mentioning the GMA cheating scandal? Sound off below in the comment section.

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