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Why ‘GMA’ Fans Love TJ Holmes & Amy Robach Despite Affair?

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GMA fans really want TJ Holmes and Amy Robach back on the show. The network launched an internal review into their alleged affair, which is still ongoing. Several guest hosts have filled in for them for the time being.

However, fans aren’t happy with them. They want the original GMA3 co-hosts to come back. Most of them still love TJ and Amy despite the affair rumors. Keep on reading to learn the reasons why they’re obsessed with these co-hosts.

DeMarco Morgan & Rhiannon Ally [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]

Why fans love TJ Holmes & Amy Robach

Most of the GMA fans on Twitter still love TJ Holmes and Amy Robach. They seem undeterred by the affair rumors. It seems like the fanbase is on board with the duo becoming a couple, especially since they’re good-looking together. Many of them shipped TJ and Amy, who had affair rumors about them for years.

The fans have been “shipping” them for years. To see the two become a real-life couple delights them. Fans would love to see them return to Good Morning America so they can see them interact as an actual couple.

Bored with the GMA guest hosts

Other fans simply got bored with the GMA guest hosts. They are tired of seeing their stand-ins and want to know when the originals are coming back. Despite the infidelity controversy, fans are still wanting them back on the show. Most of them believe that TJ and Amy don’t deserve to lose their respective jobs over this scandal.

  • This week, fans took to Twitter to share their frustration with the rotating guest hosts. They’re demanding the return of the couple who continue to make headlines.
  • “@GMA @ABCGMA3 WHERE IS TJ and AMY?? They did not assault, kill or rob anyone…investigation over! I used to watch GMA3 every day, but I am so bored with the stand-ins.”
  • “@GMA PLEASE bring back Amy Robach & TJ Holmes! We miss them and couldn’t care less about their adult relationship.”
  • “[They’re] separated from their spouses and [have] no reporting obligation. Maybe awkward, but not a breach of their moral clause. Plus, more viewers now!”
  • “@ABC @GMA when are Amy & TJ coming back??”
TJ Holmes & Amy Robach [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]

Fans don’t care about the infidelity

GMA fans don’t care that the two cheated on their respective spouses. Despite the fact that it’s a moral issue, they argue that they didn’t violate company policy. Even the ABC internal review concluded that nothing happened behind the scenes.

“Bring back AMY AND TJ! You can’t trespass two fully grown adults from loving on each other! These are two grown folk! A fully grown man and woman!” one fan wrote.

“What policy discussion has to be held about this at the corporate level? Their kids probably understand their situation more than anybody,” another added.

What are your thoughts? Do you love TJ and Amy? Do you think they should come back? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. I personally want TJ and Amy RETURNED TO THEIR ON AIR SPOTS!!!
    But for TJ’s ESTRANGED wife hiring the private detective none of this would have unfolded the way it did. THEY WERE BEING DISCRETE!!!
    Much of the negative commenting from staff emanates from JEALOUSY OR WANTING THEIR POSTIONS ON AIR!!
    While divorce in general is many times painful for the other partner or children, this is no different. The media is putting them in the line light.
    Other co workers and co anchors had affairs while st least one was still married – Mika Brezinski and Joe Scarborough ( MORNING JOE) and nothing near this happened to them either thru the press or network or co workers.
    ABC shouldn’t get involved in their personal lives- it was a consensual relationship. As for Disney, I feel personally that they may be the proverbial pot calling the kettle black. Look at Disneys ceo. He was married and in the SAME YEAR AS HIS DIVORCE, married his current wife Willow who worked at abc at the same time he was ceo the first time at Disney. Enough with the hypocrisy.
    And as for ROBIN ROBERTS SND GAYLE KING, who died and left them in charge of the morality police. DO NOT JUDGE!!!

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