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‘GMA’: Amy Robach’s Replacement Leaves Morning Show

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Amy Robach is in danger of losing her job. The GMA shakeup continues as her replacement leaves the morning show as well. Keep on reading to learn more and get all the details.

Good Morning America is in the midst of a shakeup

Cecilia Vega filled in for Amy Robach while she remains suspended from the show. She announced that she’s leaving her position of fill-in for a similar role. Cecilia joined rival network CBS to host the primetime program 60 Minutes. On Thursday, January 19, Deadline was the first to break the news.

Cecilia will leave GMA to air on the evening program this spring. This is a big move for her since she will be moving from New York City to Washington, DC. She will report on the show from the capital. Cecilia released a statement to Deadline about her departure.

Amy Robach [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]
“This is a dream come true. I am beyond honored to join the ranks of this legendary show and to work alongside the best reporters in journalism,” Cecilia Vega shared.

Her career mimicked that of Amy Robach. She anchored Good Morning America and the Saturday edition of World News Tonight. Cecilia filled in for countless co-anchors such as Robin Roberts, George Stephanopoulos, and Michael Strahan.

When Amy Robach and TJ Holmes were pulled off the air starting early December, Cecilia filled in with her co-host Gio Benitez. Stephanie Ramos also filled in during that time. Fans expressed an interest in the rotation of guest hosts who have appeared on GMA3: What You Need to Know. However, there are some who still want the golden couple to return to their positions.

Does ABC plan to fire Amy Robach?

Some fans wonder why it’s taking ABC so long to fire Amy Robach and TJ Holmes or bring them back. Reportedly, the network has made a decision but they have to get the legalities out of the way. Amy and TJ are expected to lose their jobs and ABC is working on a formal announcement and exit strategy.

They went missing from the show for seven weeks. The network’s legal team is working with their top executives to confirm the news. Amy Robach and TJ’s alleged affair shook up the show in late November. An internal review of the situation took place amid the suspension.

Cecilia Vega [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
Both Amy Robach and TJ have hired their own lawyers. They plan to fight ABC if do get fired. However, the network wants to make this transition as smooth as ever. They will share the news soon.

What are your thoughts on Amy Robach’s fill-in leaving the morning show? Does this surprise you? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. My god it’s not like they committed murders. GMA needs to get over itself. They had an having an affair. I don’t care I can’t see how it’s possibly anyone else’s business

    1. Right?? in either I personally think its nobody’s business. they are grown, and no one knows what going on in each other’s lives. You’re messing up a very good show with all this foolishness and jeopardizing the show, and guess what, we the American public, don’t give a rats ass!! We have bigger fish to fry, and so should You !!

    2. I agree stop it! It is their lives!
      I want Amy back!
      He is another story he had numerous encounters with lower level employees. That should be against the policy!

    3. I agree. Their lives spread out for all to see. I’ve been through this, I’m not famous, but everyone in my small town knew how my jus cheated on me etc. We got divorced he married who he cheated with I married several years later, end of story. I don’t understand why famous people always have to be spread all over the news. Let Amy and TJ alone. Let them be private, just as others should be left alone. I miss seeing you on the weather and GMC. Be at peace have faith in Jesus Christ, and you will be ok. Father God loves you

  2. I don’t think it’s fair because as long as they do their job like they’re supposed to and not kissing or hugging on the show doing any of that stuff what you do in privacy I don’t think they should get fired so that’s my opinion as long as they do their job and they do it the right way is fine for me thank you

    1. All jobs in the real world will fire you if you have affairs with staff like in TJ’s case. Don’t know if this was Amy’s first time having an affair with a co-worker? But I’m glad I won’t see them on GMA no more. Bye you two! 👋🏼

    1. It’s a moral issue. That’s what a divorce is for. End one relationship before opening another relationship. We all know this.

      1. Their affair is none of our business. Nor does it affect their ability to perform their jobs. I agree that it is immoral, so if you are without sin, feel free to cast the first stone!

    2. I think GMA has a reputation to uphold and they can’t do it if Amy and TJ still work their. It s*%ks being you two Amy and TJ.

    3. hi Robin, l find it curious that you’d say that it’s just an affair and not a crime. What about the lives that they’ve ruined by their own lust and selfishness. in some countries they’d practically stone you for committing this type of adultery. Yes, you may be right that they didn’t commit a crime but, in the eyes of God it’s sinful and immoral and wrong. Besides, when you take a vow it’s before God and a binding contract but, our liberal agenda says its okay to cheat when it’s not. What about their spouse’s and their children? Do you think that their lives weren’t turned upside down? Come on Robin, you’re doing exactly what these two bafoons have done and minimized their actions. it’s all about doing the right things and not being selfish.

    4. I think GMA and all executives should have minded their business! No one was complaining about their job performance. Society really will canceled someone’s lively hood over a relationship? They are 2 grown consenting adults. Per the higher beings, No rules were broken. I hope it cost them millions to let the 2 great anchors go!

  3. They made their business all of our business so all though they didn’t comment murders. They didn’t go about it in any privacy at all. Amy and TJ embarrassed their ex’s and family. For the life of me I can’t understand why Amy and TJ want to sue for getting fired for what they brought on to themselves? You guys did this to yourselves you know this right? And now you want to sue? Sue for what? You guys asked for this you’re job didn’t ask you two to have an affair. TJ GMA never asked you to go pull down you’re pants for this third female co-worker. Amy GMA never said for you to have an affair with TJ while you were still married. Like judge Judy says “you don’t get paid for being stupid.” Walk away you. I hope you value you’re other job better than you did working for GMA. Good luck job hunting and this time take care of you’re jobs if you care about them. Love never pays the rent. Should of thought about all the what (if’s) before hand. Bye 👋🏼 I hope you two get everything you deserve.

  4. I wonder how many big bosses are going to loose their jobs for similar behavior? What’s done in the dark will come to the light and what’s done in the light will be preached from the rooftop.

    1. Bosses have big bucks to cover up their affairs. Take Trump for instance and so many other bosses we don’t know about. Unlike Amy and TJ who just happened to work at GMA. Had they been smarter could have kept their affair private at least until their divorces were finalized. Anyway bye! Amy and TJ. 👋🏼

  5. I feel ABC is overreacting!
    And they will be losing a major part of this program’s audience.
    Amy & TJ were entertaining & fun to watch.
    Their employer should not be the judge & jury of their personal lives.
    Yes, their affair was wrong. But it is being handled privately.

  6. I believe she’s getting what she’s deserved. Now she can be with Holmes and possibly get married to show everybody. Robach is supposedly wealthy is around 50million dollars so she’ll be able to support Holmes because he’ll be paying a lot for his daughter, which deserves, I don’t think have time for his daughter as well as Robach with her daughters. That’s the hidden part of families that those cheater’s forget on the loved one’s that are lost in the affairs. These are the souls that need therapy .

  7. Nobody leaves a happy marriage.

    If Amy and TJ get fired, GMA had better fire everyone there that has had an affair.

    Their relationship did not and will not affect their ability to do their jobs. What 2 consenting adults do is none of our business

  8. Célia is a awesome reporter. I enjoyed watching her on GMA. She will be missed but a great addition to 60 minutes.

  9. GMA needs to not decide moral issues. I have plenty of issues how you decide what is best for me and my value system. They were good reporters and I now watch news nation.

  10. GMA needs to get over it! They are BOTH very good cohosts! Leave them alone and bring them back already!!! How you can fall from grace in no time amazes me. This whole thing is ridiculous. Do people’s personal lives really have to do with anything?

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