‘GMA’ Amy Robach’s Drama Causes Unsure Future For Stepson?

Amy Robach Snuggles With Family Dog [Amy Robach | Instagram]

Amy Robach’s personal life may get in the way of her stepson’s future. Nate Shue shared some of their family texts on Instagram. This comes after he called 2022 a “doozy” of a year amid Amy’s alleged affair with her GMA co-anchor TJ Holmes.

Fans have told him to keep his private life off social, but he’s not listening to them. Nate shared his thoughts on the matter through the media. Andrew Shue’s oldest son also shared a text message exchange with his brother Wyatt via his Instagram Stories. Keep on reading to learn more and see the message for yourself.

Amy Robach Wears White Bandeau Top [Amy Robach | Instagram]
[Amy Robach | Instagram]

Nate Shue addresses Amy Robach’s alleged affair

Nate is not holding back on his feelings. He feels that Amy Robach’s ongoing drama will create an uncertain future for his acting career. Wyatt sent Nate a clip of a scene from the 2004 romantic film, The Notebook. He admitted that it made him feel emotional.

“Almost made me cry I dunno why,” Wyatt wrote.

“That movie could turn a silverback gorilla into a little b****,” Nate responded.

Nate Shue Shares Text Message Exchange [Nate Shue | Instagram Stories]
[Nate Shue | Instagram Stories]
The two young men are open to romance in their lives. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for their father, Andrew Shue. His marriage to Amy Robach ended late last year after a report about her six-month alleged affair with TJ Holmes came to light. The two quietly separated in the summertime, but still haven’t filed for divorce.

Nate is currently unsure about his film career. He appeared in the short film, Sense. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Nate wants to focus on his career rather than the saga involving his stepmother. He doesn’t want Amy’s alleged affair to overshadow his own acting career in Hollywood.

Amy Robach could ruin her stepson’s chances?

In late November, Amy Robach became tabloid fodder. Nate wants to move on from this family drama. He’s set on getting his career off the right foot. An insider close to him shared their thoughts with The U.S. Sun.

“It’s been a really difficult time for Nate and his family and he has been overwhelmed by the situation,” the insider told The U.S. Sun. “He seems to be doing well, he’s just a young artist trying to make art, he’s been in LA a few years now and has an agent and manager. Nate wouldn’t want this to overshadow what he’s focusing on with projects.”

Andrew Shue & Sons [Nate Shue | Instagram]
[Nate Shue | Instagram]
He calls the GMA scandal “senseless stuff” and wants his dad to be happy. Amy Robach recently met up with Andrew in an awkward public meeting. They passed off their family dog as they had a cordial conversation. It’s unclear what her future on Good Morning America holds.

What are your thoughts on Amy Robach’s drama causing an unsure future for her stepson? Do you think Nate will make it in Hollywood? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. How you get them is how you will lose them. This women Amy needs help. And TJ to you “every dog has it’s day.” If I never hear from these two again I’ll be so happy. You shouldn’t get this much attention for being stupid. Come on now. This isn’t news this is about a cheater and lier. I’d be so embarrassed to be caught with this on my reputation I’d be hiding until this fades a little. Instead of bring attention to myself. But we are talking about Amy and TJ. I have to keep reminding myself. Two folks who have no morals, respect or limits towards human life other than their own. 😞

  2. Amy and TJ both should be Fired. This will affect all of their children. Selfish is what they both are.

  3. She doesn’t have any thoughts on her stepsons or concerns of their lives.She just wants her job and of course the money. The support she received from her family with cancer and all the support she received. If nothing else opened up the door for Holmes to slid in and get close to Robach , it’s his mo for him advance his career. He’s done this action his whole career. They deserve everything they get from GMA

  4. Sadly this is what you get when you mix a 4th bagged skank and a unknown number horndog – with little thought of family – good riddance !

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