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‘Gold Rush’ Parker Schnabel Tells Fans How He Values Gold

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In what had to come as a surprise to Gold Rush fans, a discussion on Reddit about gold had a special visitor in Parker Schnabel. In the thread, the fans were talking about gold when Parker popped in and answered a question for the fans.

Here is what the fans were talking about and what Parker Schnabel added to the conversation.

Gold Rush fans wonder how gold is valued

Gold Rush fans love to chat on Reddit. In the subreddit for the show, an episode will see a thread with often 100+ comments about the episode. The fans also love to post questions about the show, their favorite miners, and gold mining in general. One of the recent threads had a special guest pop in.

Parker Schnabel on Gold Rush - screencap

A Redditor posted a thread with just a simple question in the title and nothing written within the post itself. The fan asked in the title, “How do they know gold value by looking at spec in a pan.” This brought about a lot of comments from fans, both serious and sarcastic.

One fan said it wasn’t a precise measurement, but was based on experience. Another said that it is measured in no gold, little gold, and a lot of gold. Another mentioned “mental extrapolation.” All of these were a little right, as none other than Gold Rush star Parker Schnabel popped into the thread with his explanation.

Parker Schnabel responds to fans on Reddit

Parker Schnabel is part of the Gold Rush community on Reddit. His screen name is GOLD__DIGGER and fans can be assured that it is Parker because the account was Verified by Reddit. He occasionally pops in to talk to fans and answer questions on occasion. This doesn’t happen often (his last post was two months ago), so when he does pop in, fans get excited.

Parker Schnabel on Gold Rush - screencap

In this post, Parker showed up to explain how this process works. In this case, Parker said that it takes some experience to figure out the numbers. “I don’t do a bunch of mental gymnastics with it,” he admitted. He said he has set numbers that work out roughly the ounces an hour.

He also said the numbers are variable. “I would have to pan for a couple hours a day to really be confident in my estimates,” he wrote. He also said the reason for the panning that fans see on the show. According to Parker, the panning sees what material they should sent to the plant and what they should waste. “5 colors is usually worth washing in the gravel and then we go into bedrock until we can’t pan any gold at all.”

Are you surprised that Parker Schnabel interacts with fans on Reddit? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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