‘Gold Rush’ Parker Schnabel Wins Environmental Award

Parker Schnabel on Gold Rush - YouTube

Gold Rush star Parker Schnabel has won a prestigious environmental award. While Parker was not on Friday night’s episode of the show this week, fans can still celebrate his major achievement for his work as a miner.

Here is what Parker won and what it means for his career as a gold miner.

Parker Schnabel wins prestigious award

Gold Rush star Parker Schnabel won a prestigious award at the 2022 Robert E. Leckie Awards. Parker won the Award for Excellence in Environmental Stewardship. This was in honor of his work at the Little Flake placer mine and legacy areas mined by previous generations.

Parker Schnabel on Gold Rush - YouTube

The Yukon government commended Parker, saying that his operation was a perfect example of how a placer mine and be progressively reclaimed and cleaned up after work is underway. The Leckie Awards acknowledge companies and people who demonstrate excellence in environmental stewardship, outstanding social responsibility, as well as leadership and innovation in mining practices.

The awards are named after Robert Leckie, an innovator who developed progressive land use practices for mining. Also winning an award was Guy and Lisa Favron. They won the Award for Responsible and Innovative Exploration and Mining Practices for work at Sulphur Creek.

Parker was not on this week’s Gold Rush

This was a week without Parker Schnabel on the show after Gold Rush had no footage last week of Fred Lewis. However, with Parker missing the episode, many fans are still wondering how much longer he will feature on the show. While Parker has been the biggest mainstay, his overall success does not lead to entertaining television.

Parker Schnabel on Gold Rush - YouTube

While fans want people to at least be more successful than Fred Lewis has been, the fact Parker has become such a successful business owner means very little drama. Some even think that Parker’s success is pushing him out of the show since there is little entertainment value in a business that runs easily with no problems at all.

This week on Gold Rush, there was at least a little bit of drama. The biggest moment came when a member of Fred Lewis’s crew was injured in a freak accident. Luckily, Fred is a former medic in the military. He was on hand to help patch up the injured employee. Outside of that, Tony Beets sought to bring in some greenhorns to work the night shift to increase productivity. Meanwhile, the Claytons worked on resurrecting a bear-up conveyor.

While Parker Schnabel missed out on this week’s episode, expect him back next week on Gold Rush as he continues to try to stretch his company out to multiple locations.

Are you surprised to hear about Parker Schnabel winning his prestigious award? Did you miss him on this week’s episode of Gold Rush? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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