Exclusive: ‘Gold Rush’ Good Cut Bad Cut Dilemma For Parker Schnabel

On tonight’s Gold Rush, the season is coming to an end, and it’s not shaping up precisely the way miner Parker Schnabel had envisioned. He’s bet on Big Red and Mud Mountain hoping to pull in 8000 ounces of gold in the deepest cut he’s ever done, but the tally so far has not hit even 200 ounces, and that has him worried.

In TV Shows Ace exclusive preview below, we see Parker driving and discussing the worries he has about how overextended he is on Mud Mountain, as his foreman Mitch Blaschke will also weigh on on the concerns of the deepest cut of pay they have ever attempted.

It appears to be a case of “good cut bad cut” as the other cut where his other washplant Sluicifer is cranking and producing some gold, but it is not as robust a payout as Parker Schnabel would like.

The clock is ticking on this season of Gold Rush.

Good Cut Bad Cut on Gold Rush

Did Parker Schnabel Admit Gold Rush Was Scripted? [Screenshot | YouTube]
Parker is in for it this season. Pic credit: Discovery
In our exclusive clip, Parker is rueful about how Mud Mountain is going. He said: “I just got back from Alaska, and that went decent.”
We did our first cleanup there in the Klondike, Mud Mountain, and it was not great. So that’s not even good.”

The situation is placing Parker in the unenviable position of being behind the eight ball in production when his costs are ticking upwards, and the gold is scant at best.

Now, 27-year-old Parker Schnabel started the season running out of ground, forcing him to take on Mud Mountain, a sixty-foot-deep cut that could hold eight thousand ounces of gold. But with winter just weeks away, it’s only delivered 165 ounces.

He explains the situation, saying: “At only an ounce or two an hour, it’s definitely not looking too promising yet, so it better pick up because we spent a lot of money stripping that.

Besides worrying Schnabel, his team is also stressed out about the low gold production. His foreman Mitch Blaschke is charged with
running Mud Mountain pay through wash plant Big Red

Also driving, Mitch Blaschke said: “Mud Mountain is the deepest cut that we’ve done so far to date, and we’ve put a lot of money and time into it. We’re going to need to have consistently good cleanups here and some really good ones to pay for this.”

Parker also added: “Even though Big Red’s not doing great, Sluicifer continues to do all right, at Ken and Stewart’s,
and they’re just about done with the good cut we’re about to go to the bad cut. So I hope Ken’s wrong about that because if
that’s the good stuff, then the bad stuff’s going to be really bad.”

Watch the preview here:

Gold Rush airs Friday at 8 PM ET/PT on Discovery.

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