Chris Combs & His Wife Spotted By Fans Recently

Chris Combs- TLC

1000-Lb. Sisters is now Season 4 of the show. Tammy Slaton and Amy Halterman are still working on their weight loss journey and they have had some major life changes. Tammy recently got married while Amy and her husband welcomed their second child. Their brother, Chris Combs, has made a lot of life changes as well. After having gastric bypass surgery, fans feel that he is the most motivated member of the family. His fans are extremely proud of him and feel like his sisters should take notes.

Combs’ Life These Days

Even though the show does focus mainly on Tammy and Amy, Chris Combs has gotten a lot of attention over the years from fans. From the moment he showed up on the series, fans just knew that he would be a big hit! Viewers have enjoyed seeing him on the show and following his weight loss journey. In fact, there are some that think he should have his own spinoff. Since the series first premiered, Chris has lost a lot of weight. Plus, he isn’t afraid to tell his fans that he is “bringing sexy back.

Chris Combs- TLC
Chris Combs- TLC

As Season 4 airs, fans have noticed just how much weight Chris has lost. He made it through weight loss surgery and continues to drop pounds. Additionally, he told the cameras that there was a point where he couldn’t even bend down to pick up his shoes and now he feels like he can take on the world. Obviously, he has done very well with his weight loss and admits that he has had a lot of support from his wife, Brittany.

Fans Spot Brittany & Chris

Fans of 1000-Lb. Sisters have always loved seeing Brittany and Chris Combs together. However, there are now some that have spotted them in public! A thread began on Reddit and it had fans excited. A very happy fan wrote, “I saw Chris and his wife Brittany today at a mall in Nashville and they were both looking great!!” Of course, this really had other fans chiming in on Chris and Brittany.

Chris Combs- Instagram
Chris Combs- Instagram

Of course, there were fans that loved seeing them around, however, some comments were not so kind. One fan wrote that Chris was really “cool,” but “Brittany is rude as hell.” Another fan countered with, “Or maybe she was never completely on board with having cameras and viewers in her face. And when the cameras go away people still invading her privacy.” One more added, “On the show, she comes across as very shy and quiet, and while she is, to an extent, don’t let that fool you. She’s just more kind of socially awkward in that way, but for some reason, thinks her s**t don’t stink, just like the rest of her family.”

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