‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Chris Combs Has Fans Shocked In Latest Pic

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1000-Lb. Sisters were shocked when Amy Halterman shared an updated photo of her brother Chris Combs. How was Chris doing? Had he lost any more weight? Was he sustaining the weight he had lost? Why were 1000-Lb. Sisters fans so shocked by Amy’s photo? Keep reading for the details.

Chris Combs shocking update: How is he doing?

Amy Halterman has been pretty active on Instagram lately. She shared a massive collection of photos two days ago documenting Glenn and Gabe’s trip to the pumpkin patch. The very last photo in the cluster revealed Chris Combs and his wife were also with Amy and the family. Overall, fans were thrilled to get a photo update on Chris Combs.

In the comments, fans admit they weren’t really sure if Chris had lost any more weight since the last time they saw a photo of him. It, however, didn’t look like he had put any more weight back on. Likewise, he looked to be both happy and healthy as he enjoyed his life.

1000 lb sisters Chris combs Youtube

What really shocked fans about the photo was Chris Combs’ facial hair. He had a bit of a mustache going on and fans were not sure how they felt about it.

Here’s what some 1000-Lb. Sisters fans had to say about this update on Chris Combs:

  • “Lovely pictures. Great to see your brother Chris and his wife too. I really like Chris from what I’ve seen on him on your show. A true gentlemen. Love to you all x”
  • “Chris looks great!!!! Very nice pics!!”
  • “Omgggg yesss Chris with the weightloss. Awesome”

Most fans had nothing but love for Chris Combs in the comments of Amy Halterman’s post. They agreed he was looking incredible these days and they hoped he was living his best life with his wife.

Fans, however, had a little less love for Amy as they didn’t think she was trying as hard to continue with her weight loss journey. Check out the photo of Chris and Amy down below:

Amy Halterman - Instagram
Amy Halterman – Instagram

Do you think it looks like Chris Combs has lost any more weight or is he at least maintaining his current weight well? What do you think of his mustache? Let us know your thoughts on this update in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more updates on this TLC family and their weight loss journey.

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