Chris Combs’ Wife Brittany Like You Have NEVER Seen Her Before

Chris Combs and his wife Brittany became wildly popular when they first came to 1000-Lb. Sisters. Fans felt that they were a nice, mild addition to balance out Tammy Slaton’s chaos.

Chris and Brittany may be fan favorites, but they happily lead pretty quiet lives. That’s why fans were so shocked to see new photos of Brittany circulating online.

Keep reading to find out exactly what had everyone talking.

Chris Combs’ wife Brittany surprises fans when she lets her hair down

As we previously noted, Brittany Combs struggles with alopecia which makes her hair fall out. This is why she’s usually wearing a headband on the show to cover her receding hairline.

We also commonly see Brittany with her hair pulled back and up. But if you noticed, she never actually takes her hair down on the show. So what does it actually look like when she leaves it down?

We now have answers to that question.

Chris Combs/Instagram

Fans have been sharing some photos of Brittany Combs with her hair completely down in various Facebook groups. It’s not immediately clear where fans originally found it, however.

Even though Brittany has a receding hairline, she has plenty of hair. It stretches down past her back and even down to her rear end. That’s pretty amazing!

Brittany Combs/Facebook

There’s also a front view shot of Brittany without her headband. Without her signature look, we finally get a look at her bouncy curls. According to some fans sharing the photos, she just had her hair permed when the photos were taken.

Brittany Combs/Facebook

On the show, Brittany is pretty quiet. But it really seems like she is a sweetheart and is happy with Chris. He may get to see her beautiful long hair every day, but this is definitely a first for fans.

The TLC couple manage to keep their relationship happy and thriving

Every time we saw Brittany and Chris Combs appear on 1000-Lb. Sisters, they seemed to be really happy. Even behind the scenes, they seem to really dote on each other and have a great marriage.

Recently, Brittany was dealing with an illness. On social media, she revealed that Chris brought her get well gifts that really brightened up her day. When fans asked Chris how he always managed to make Brittany smile, he had a great answer.

“Never stop dating your lady no matter how long you [have] been together,” the 1000-Lb. Sisters star replied. “The man I call dad told me that once and it never left my brain.”

We all really hope that Chris manages to keep up the great work!

Were you shocked to see Brittany Combs’ long hair? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments. For now, keep following us online for more on Chris Combs and the rest of the 1000-Lb. Sisters crew. We’ll be here to give you the latest information!

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