Chris Combs Drops 95 Pounds, Says He’s Bringing Sexy Back

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The 1000-Lb. Sisters Season 4 Premiere airs tonight on TLC and it gives fans a look at Chris Combs several months after having his weight loss surgery. During the first half of the episode, all of the siblings (minus Tammy who is in another state in rehab) comes together to hang out and catch up. This meet-up gives fans a look at how Chris Combs is doing and how much weight he’s lost since having his surgery.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for 1000-Lb. Sisters Season 4 Premiere

Chris Combs drops 95 pounds, bringing sexy back

Misty, Amanda, and Amy are all in agreement that their brother Chris Combs looks incredible and significantly smaller months after having his weight loss surgery. Chris reveals that there was a time when he wasn’t able to bend over and pick things up off the ground if he dropped them because of how large he was. And, he was just happy to be in a place where he could do things like pick something up or put on his own shoes.

Chris Combs’ siblings joked that his wife Brittany likely appreciated not having to pick up as much slack caused by her husband’s weight. Things got a bit naughty when Chris chimed in that there were probably a lot of things his wife appreciated and benefited from him being smaller. Amanda instantly got uncomfortable and was ready for a change of topic.

Chris Combs - 1000lb sisters - YouTube
Chris Combs – 1000lb sisters – YouTube

While walking toward the Western town attraction they planned on enjoying, Chris Combs revealed to everyone that he had dropped 95 pounds. He also claimed that he was feeling good and “bringing sexy back.” The scene cut to Amanda sitting on the couch with her brother Chris. She was happy that he lost weight and agreed he was looking pretty good. But, she added that someone clearly lied to him about “bringing sexy back.” 

During this portion of the episode, viewers also got to see a before and after snap comparing what Chris looked like when the episode was filmed and what he looked like at the height of his weight problems. 1000-Lb. Sisters fans agreed Chris looked happier and much more alive after shedding the 95 pounds.

Chris Combs Shows Off Weight Loss Transformation
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The family still struggles with food

Things got a bit uncomfortable when Amy Halterman and all of her siblings sat down for a meal during their time at the Western attraction. Chris and Amanda made a point to admit the family is willing to go just about anywhere for some food. Chris acknowledged the whole table knew they were making poor choices with what they were eating. But, they were more interested in being together and having a good time.

1000-lb sisters - Amanda and Misty - YouTube
1000-lb sisters – Amanda and Misty – YouTube

Naturally, fans couldn’t help but be a little bothered and concerned by this scene.

The new episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters airs tonight on TLC. It, however, can be streamed now on Discovery+ for those interested in watching it early.

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