Meri Brown Found An Ally And Companion In Robyn Brown?

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Sister Wives fans feel Meri Brown found an ally and companion in Robyn Brown. They feel this was the reason she pushed for Robyn to be the fourth wife. While the other two wives were content with the size of their family, Meri Brown orchestrated things that led to Kody Brown courting his fourth wife. So, why do fans think so? Was Meri Brown lonely and wanted another wife in the family? Keep reading to find out the details!

Meri Brown Tried To Break Free From Kody Brown

Meri and Kody got married in 1990 and share one child, Leon. The 52-year-old has spoken about her marital troubles on multiple occasions over the years. In one instance, she even said that she relates to Christine as she has also been in the same situation with Kody in the past. Meri also talked about her 2015 catfishing scandal which was her attempt to break free from her struggling relationship with Kody.

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Fans believe that she might have surely left Kody if the catfish was really a man and not a woman. They also speculate that Meri Brown introduced Robyn into the family to mend her broken bond with her husband. On Reddit, the OP wrote, “By all accounts, it seems like Meri and Kody did not have a functioning marriage when the show started. Janelle and Christine did- it may not have been perfect, but the marriages were certainly functional and intimate.”

Did Meri Brown Want To Change The Power Dynamics?

They further explained that Meri might have felt very isolated and pained regardless of whose fault it was in their struggling relationship. She thought bringing Robyn into the family dynamics might shake things up and shift the attention from her relationship issues.

“Perhaps she needed an ally and companion, and maybe even wanted to change the power dynamic by weakening the marriages with the other wives too (and have them feel a fraction of the isolation she was experiencing),” the Sister Wives fan explained.

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So, while everyone blames Robyn Brown for breaking up the family, was Meri Brown really the one who engineered this?

Fans Disagree Robyn Brown Was Meri’s Idea

Another fan disagreed with the OP stating, “I don’t believe for a second any longer that Sobyn was Meri’s idea. Kody is great in manipulating/threatening and gaslighting all of the women he comes in contact with.”

A third agreed that Robyn Brown wasn’t Meri’s idea but was engineered by Kody and made to be presented as Meri’s idea to take the heat off Kody.

Meri Brown Sister Wives Instagram

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“Something tells me Kody fell in love with Robyn the first time he saw her. Meri saw this was kind of unavoidable, so she decided to support it knowing that it would put her in Kody’s good graces and any reluctance would make Kody mad,” agreed a fourth fan.

Do you think Meri Brown really engineered situations to bring another wife into the family? And do you think she was looking for an ally or a companion? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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