Does Meri Brown Regret Encouraging Robyn & Kody To Happen?

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Sister Wives fans think Meri Brown regrets encouraging Robyn and Kody’s relationship. The 51-year-old played a crucial role in bringing together the Brown family patriarch and his youngest wife. Given how strained her relationship with Kody is right now, is it possible that she laments the past? What do fans feel? Keep reading to find out the details!

Meri Brown’s Relationship With Kody Flourished Before Robyn

The TLC show debuted more than a decade ago introducing the Brown family’s newest wife, Robyn. For twenty long years, Meri’s relationship with Kody was just fine along with two other wives in the family. Yes, the family, like any other, had their ups and downs. However, things went down the drain rapidly after Robyn became a part of the family.

Meri Brown Sister Wives YouTube

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In a polygamist culture, men aren’t supposed to look for women to marry. It is seen as predatory behavior. This is why other wives scout new women and make them a part of their marriage. Following the custom, Meri was the one who suggested to Kody that he should pursue a relationship with Robyn. Given how she was the only wife who knew Robyn, the two shared a bond that the other wives lacked.

Meri Brown Expressed Her Regret In Introducing Robyn

However, the events that unfolded over the years after Robyn married Kody drove a wedge between them. Moreover, that initial deep connection didn’t quite stay as long as Meri thought it would. Although Meri is still supportive of Robyn, unlike the other wives, Sister Wives fans feel she regrets introducing her to Kody.

On Reddit, fans discussed the possibility as the OP wrote, “Who really knows if it’s true that Meri told Kody to dance with Robyn the night they all met. Or if it really was her idea to bring Robyn into the family. If so, do you think she feels any kind of guilt now?”

Meri Brown Sister Wives YouTube

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“I’m not sure about guilt, but she appeared to have regrets very early in (Season 1 or 2)” wrote another.

A third fan pondered, “I wonder if she watches the show. Can you imagine hearing the hurtful things Kody has said? It’d be crushing from the father of your child.”

Kody Believed Meri Brown Was His Soulmate

Before Robyn happened, Kody believed Meri was his soulmate. Moreover, he described Meri as a sweet and cute individual. In his 2012 memoir, he wrote, “When I met her I had a hard time suppressing my hopelessly romantic nature.”

Now, after years of estrangement and more than a decade of zero intimacy, Kody doesn’t consider himself married to Meri. Fans feel the biggest factor that broke the couple was Robyn, especially after she took away Meri’s legal wife status for herself in 2014.

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Do you think Meri introducing Robyn to Kody was the turning point for the Brown family? Was it the moment that led to the disastrous breakdown of several relationships in the family? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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