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Kody Brown Hits Meri HARD With Messy Marriage Comment

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Kody Brown has never shied away from being cruel to Meri. He has let her know that she can go be with another man. Furthermore, he has even suggested that she go live at her B&B in Parowan, Utah. Now, in the latest episode of Sister Wives, he hit his first wife hard with a messy and rough comment. At this point, he does not even seem to realize what he is saying anymore or maybe he does not even care. What did the father of eighteen say about Meri and marriage? Read on for more details.

Kody Brown Hits Meri Where It Hurts With Marriage Comment

It seems that Kody is so hurt over Christine leaving, he is lashing out at everyone. He is even making side comments that are almost backhanded compliments. When discussing the purpose of Christine coming into the family, he made a jab at Meri’s place in the home. He and Meri wed in 1990 and they were very much in love. Kody had come into this lifestyle in his later teens whereas Meri was raised in a plural family. Therefore, they knew that they would take on more wives.

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Unfortunately, because Meri was so young, she had trouble adjusting to second wife, Janelle, who came in three years later. There was a lot of growing up she still had to do and bringing in Christine in 1994 helped smooth things over. Kody noted that when the family gathered at Christine’s home so she could share that she had sold her home and was moving in a week.

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Throughout all of his up and down words, he threw in that Christine came in at the right time to fix up the family. He further noted it was a really messy time and she helped to save it. Meri immediately knew what he meant, all of the aforementioned issues about her being young and jealous. How she was struggling with having another wife. Though this may have been true, it was probably not something Meri wanted or needed in her life.

Already Estranged

As it is, Kody Brown and Meri have virtually no relationship. They have not been intimate in over a decade. Even Christine noted that she did not want what Kody and Meri had when it came to marriage. The lack of intimacy was too much for her to handle and it was just sad. Even Robyn would not fault Meri for giving up though she has begged her to hold on. In the end, Meri lives her best life away from Flagstaff. She is constantly traveling for LuLaRoe and is a fixture at her B&B. So, Kody can say what he wants. She had made her own happiness.

Do you think that messy comment was fair of Kody or does he just not think? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. Looks to me like all Kody was focused on in the beginning was having a plural family. He didn’t actually love any of them, he just did his husbandly duties with each of them. And when Robin came along he fell in love with her. So when Meri did the catfish thing it gave him an excuse to end it with her. Then with covid it gave him an excuse to not be around the others. He’s an arrogant axx. He’s mad cause it’s falling apart and he has no one to blame but himself.

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