Fans Don’t Think Meri Brown Wants Intimacy With Kody

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Sister Wives star Meri Brown’s relationship with Kody Brown started falling apart when she lost her legal wife status. Moreover, the catfish incident added fuel to the fire. In the latest episode of Season 17, Meri stated that she wants to stick around, hoping for reconciliation. However, fans feel that Meri might wish to save the relationship but doesn’t want intimacy from her spiritual husband. Why do they feel so? Keep reading to find out the details!

Meri Brown Wishes To Rekindle Her Relationship With Kody

In her confessional in the latest episode, the reality star clarified that she isn’t jealous of Christine Brown because she chose to leave. She asserts that she can leave anytime she wishes to. However, the mother of one explained that her strength is sticking around to see if Kody wishes to rekindle their relationship.

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“So I leave that door open, but I’m not pining away for it,” she explained.

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Kody and Meri haven’t lived together in several years. Previously in an episode, Kody mentioned that their marriage dissolved after her 2015 catfishing scandal. During this incident, she entered an online relationship with someone she thought was a man but turned out she was just a female fan of the Sister Wives show.

Sister Wives Fans Feel Meri Brown Is Into Women

Discussing this catfish incident and other things throughout the show, a Sister Wives fan wrote on Reddit, “Does anyone else think Mery is into woman…? Or is it just me?”

Agreeing with the OP, another chimed in, “I definitely get that vibe, especially with her friend who is now her inn caretaker.”

Meri Brown Sister Wives YouTube

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A third user added, “I wish people would stop posting these comments because it really doesn’t matter. She’s not getting any love and affection from Kody, and whether she prefers men or women, or both, is up to her. I just want to see her escape from Robyn and Kody’s clutches. Despite her bad behavior lately, I still see her as a victim in this whole setup. I would love to see her happy with someone, while Kody and Robyn spiral down into their shared misery.”

Other users suggested that she was catfished by a woman and her story never lined up.

Who Is Meri’s Friend Jenn Sullivan?

For quite some time, Sister Wives fans have strongly felt that Meri Brown is switching teams. They speculate that she and her best friend, Jenn Sullivan (now her inn’s caretaker) might be more than just friends. Jenn is Meri’s friend who supported her throughout the catfish ordeal and her rocky relationship with Kody. In a confessional, Meri confirmed that Jenn knows everything about her life and has helped her throughout her troubled spiritual marriage.

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Is Meri Brown still interested in an intimate relationship with Kody? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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