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Meri Brown Insists She’s At Peace & Life Is Good

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Meri Brown is back, once again, to share that life is good. Her last few posts have all been about how she loves her life and the happiness within. However, her words do not necessarily match up with her behavior on the show Sister Wives. Fans see her living in a loveless marriage. More so, her husband Kody has even said that she does not have a functional relationship with her sister wives. Therefore, she has sought friendships outside of the family. Yet, the LuLaRoe retailer still keeps saying she is in a good place. Read on for more details.

Meri Brown Insists She’s At Peace & Life Is Good

In her latest Instagram post, Meri is beaming, smiling toward the sky. She has her sunglasses on and the wind is seemingly moving her hair around. Next to her is a long post about life and how everything she has been through has only made her who she is today. “I am at peace with me, with my past, with the experiences that have shaped who I am,” Meri wrote. She went on to add that she is in love with herself and everything around her.


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The post concluded with the saying: “Life is good!” However, her fans were not so quick to accept the verbiage that she was spewing. They responded quite quickly: “I lost all respect for Meri after the way she treated Christine when she wanted to find her happiness!!! Her and Robyn were mean girls! Christine left with class and integrity,” one wrote. This particular comment received 172 likes. Following that, another follower added a comment, accusing Meri of using FaceTune on the photo.

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Others felt that the quote was fake and wondered if it was a clue that she had finally left Kody. It appears that Meri’s followers have grown tired of her posting about self-love and happiness without showing it to herself. They would prefer actions over words, at this point but that is nothing new. She has been peddling happiness for a long time.

Who Is She?

Fans are really torn as to who Meri Brown truly is. On Sister Wives, she is this lovelorn wife waiting for Kody to notice her. Additionally, she and Robyn were called out for gisspping over Christine’s exit from the family. Yet, in her off-camera life, she is traveling everywhere. She is taking these excessively long road trips for work, meeting up with good friends, and running her B&B. Meri recently introduced her best friend, Jenn who she met while they were living in Las Vegas. She has since moved to Utah to run Lizzie’s Heritage Inn after Meri’s mother passed. So, is Meri this sweet and fun businesswoman or a sad and demure scorned wife? The world may never know.

Do you think Meri Brown is truly at peace or is that just what she wants people to believe? More so, is that what she would like to make herself believe? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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