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Meri Brown Chases After Brokenhearted Robyn

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Meri Brown was right there when Robyn needed her. The family had continued their emotional conversation from last week. Christine revealed that her home had sold and she was moving in a week. However, it spawned so much more, including feelings about where she stood with her sister wives. Unfortunately, that meant she had to face the truth about her future with Robyn and Meri. Read on for more details.

Meri Brown Chases After Brokenhearted Robyn

In the latest episode of Sister Wives, Kody claimed that Christine had treated Robyn like dirt for years. To him, that was the crux of his problems with his third wife. After he stormed off in a huff, Robyn really wanted to know where Christine stood with her and the other wives. Christine noted that she did want some distance but Robyn needed clarity on all of this. Did she mean from the kids, the wives, or everyone as a whole?

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After Christine explained that she would stay close to Janelle, she said she would be back for family reunions. However, she did need distance from Robyn and Meri. This was too much for Robyn to handle because she felt the family finally breaking for good. Kody had always felt that Christine was different with Janelle’s kids than she was with Robyn’s. It became very difficult because it became clear that he favored his fourth wife over the other.

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Soon, Robyn stormed off, like Kody, sobbing, and Meri followed after to console her. Just a few weeks back, Meri promised to hold on and rebuild when she and Robyn spoke. In fact, Robyn practically begged her to hold on with Kody even though they have nothing more than an acquaintanceship at best. Now, the two ladies leaned on each other, feeling the pain of Kody’s anger and Christine’s “abandonment.”

Janelle There For Christine

Earlier in the episode, Janelle got up and consoled Christine after Kody went off on her. So, when Meri Brown chased after Robyn, it seemed like it was two against two. Janelle knows what Christine has contributed to the family. By the same token, Meri helped to facilitate bringing Robyn in. Yet, no one went after Kody when he ran off and stood by his truck. He just left his wives to hash it out while they comforted each other in their own ways.

What did you think of Meri Brown’s nurturing ways toward Robyn? Do you think this is part of the rebuilding process? More so, do you think Meri feels just as let down about losing Christine? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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