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Old Photos Confirm Kody Brown Once Had A Flame For Meri

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Sister Wives star Meri Brown was the top dog of the house before Kody Brown courted Robyn. She was the only one legally married to Kody. However, after Kody divorced her to legally marry Robyn, things went down the drain in their relationship. After 20 years of their spiritual marriage, Kody and Meri have worked their way through several rough patches in life. But, did he ever love Meri? Some of the old pictures shared by fans suggest so. Keep reading to see the old snapshots!

How Did Meri Brown Meet Kody Brown?

Meri was the first wife Kody courted and their relationship started pretty quickly. In an interview, Meri described how she met Kody. She explained that she was with a new friend who was from out of town. That friend introduced Meri to her brother, Kody.

Kody Brown Sister Wives YouTube

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“During that weekend while she was visiting, the three of us hung out together, shopping, going to movies, and just having fun together. After she went home, I figured that would probably be the last I would see of Kody for a while. Not so!” she added.

Did Infertility Struggles Cause Strain In Meri Brown’s Relationship?

The reality star was just 19 at the time and didn’t have to worry about anyone else for quite some time. Although their relationship was monogamous at the start, they were both raised or were aware of a polygamous lifestyle. So, it was definitely a possibility in the future. Meri also explained that Kody proposed to her just 2 months after they met. And, five years after tying the knot, the couple welcomed their daughter, Mariah Brown (now Leon Brown). Some fans even feel that her struggles with infertility could have strained their relationship.

Meri Brown Sister Wives YouTube

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Although Meri was head over heels for the idea of Robyn being a part of the family, it didn’t really work in her favor. She lost her legal wife status soon after.

Sister Wives Fans Feel Kody Brown Is A Monogamous Man

On Reddit, fans shared a few old pictures of Kody and Meri together and seemingly in love. The OP wrote, “Kody looks like he used to be in love with Meri, and now he is not.”

Another chimed in, “Kody is a monogamous man that went undercover for 20 years as a polygamist. He converted in his late teens to please his dad willing, married the first polygamist woman he met, then added Janelle (who was already family) and Christine to be the peacemaker and a reward from an important polygamist family. He made it work.”

Kody Brown Meri Brown Sister Wives Reddit

[Source: Reddit]

The Sister Wives fan further explained that when Robyn arrived, he finally found love. He is even seen crying for her because he misses her. They even alleged that they faked it for the reality series for 10 years and now the fake castle is falling.

Do you think Kody ever loved Meri? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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