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Fans Reject ‘Sister Wives’ Starring Just Meri, Robyn, & Kody Brown

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Sister Wives fans don’t wish to see a TLC reality series starring just Meri, Robyn, and Kody. Ever since Christine Brown hinted that she is open to her spinoff, it seems like Robyn and Kody are trying hard to get one for them. With Christine and Janelle out of the picture, will TLC still roll the cameras for the Brown family? Will fans have to see the reality show with just Kody, the favorite wife, and sprinkles of Meri here and there? Keep reading to find out what fans feel about it!

Kody And Robyn Attempt To Create A Sister Wives Spinoff

Technically, Christine already has her own spinoff in the form of a cooking show called Cooking With Just Christine. Moreover, she also recently confirmed that TLC cameras were filming from her new home in Utah. Although the 50-year-old announced in the past that she wouldn’t be leaving the show, she is definitely open to the spinoff as well.

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In a previous episode of Sister Wives, fans saw Robyn and Kody attempt to create a spinoff on the show. The segment trailed the youngest Brown kids, Solomon and Ariella returning from school. The family comprising Robyn, Kody, and his favorite kids gathered outside the house as Solomon and Ari got their confessional scene as well.

Is Meri Just An Extra Pay Check For Kody And Robyn?

Although the scene didn’t have Meri in it, fans think she would love to be a part of anything that Kody plans. Given how self-centered and opportunistic both Kody and Robyn are, they sure won’t let go of an extra TLC paycheck that comes from Meri being around.

Talking about this possible spinoff scenario, fans took to Reddit. The OP wrote, “What if they renew? And Janelle leaves? There’s NO way I can watch Sister Wives if it’s just Kody, Robyn, & Meri. Unless… he gets a new wife. And then I’d watch just to see Robyn’s meltdown. But I’d LOVE a Christine and Janelle show.”

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Another quipped, “Omg a show with just Robyn and Kody with one 30-second clip of Meri pretending like she’s involved with The fahmlee. That’s my worst nightmare. It’s honestly Kody’s worst nightmare too, he just doesn’t know it yet.”

“And so if they lose the show… how do they have income? Janelle is the only one that seems to make money. Robyn just spends. I think Kody is making a huge financial mistake and doesn’t realize it yet,” claimed a third fan.

Sister Wives Fans Root For A Christine And Janelle Spinoff

While Sister Wives fans are repulsed by the idea of Sister Wives with just Robyn, Kody, and Meri, they are rooting for one with Janelle and Christine. For years, the duo has had a great friendship. Christine has been a great friend and a great mother to Janelle’s kids as well. So, watching the new family dynamics without Kody would be something fresh for fans.

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Do you think a Christine and Janelle spinoff is the right way for TLC to go about it? Or would a Robyn, Kody, and Meri spinoff be the better choice? Share your thoughts in the comments and don’t forget to watch Sister Wives on TLC every Sunday!

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  1. There is no way I would watch the SW show without Janelle or Christine. I honestly didn’t watch a few seasons until I read Christine was leaving. I would definitely watch a Christine and Janelle spin off. I honestly don’t enjoy Robin( the family wrecker) Kody, or Meri’s personality. I would maybe watch a just Meri spin off just to see what she would do without the family but I would never watch anything just Robin and Kody they are the worst.

    1. I agree with you! I don’t believe anything about Meri and actually I’m disgusted with her! As for Robin, she is trying very hard to get sympathy for herself and the instant tears are annoying! I have seen right through her from the start and I have never cared for her. I predicted she would be behind something like what’s going on now. I’d take her and her nasty husband to court in a heartbeat to get my money back!

    2. I’m definitely not interested in watching more of Kody when I can hardly stand his air time as it is it’s more excruciating to watch Robyn! I would love to watch a spin-off with Christine and Janelle… especially if it involved their kids more often! I just can’t stand the idea of Robyn and Kody making money off being such horrible humans!

        1. I would watch Christine and Janelle but I’m feed up with Kody and Sobyn Robyn! She been successful in splitting up the family let her move on , please!

        2. how about “sister wives, life after kody’s control” or sister wives, the kids share all with Christine and janelle. the only thing i would watch with kody & robyn would be occasional blurbs showing how their lives have crumbled after everyone leaves. i sure dont want to see kody taking his step daughters as his future wives

        3. it’s no good with them 3 dummies . stooges .
          lots of people don’t want to see the faces of sobyn the liar and manipulater , and kodys temper and meri the dummy .
          get this crap off TV .

    3. I wouldn’t watch any of it. They pooled the pay into all for 1 and only got another season because of Maddie’s wedding. At this point, what’s left to watch after Janelle leaves? Kody’s total breakdown? He’s close to the edge now and it’s sickening to watch him. End our misery and let them all wither and die in peace.

        1. It’s so pathetic to watch Meri, gravel for any attention from that POS Cody, He is so disgusting… I am all for Christine and Janelle spin-off. I find it very disbursing that Meri and Sobyn, have no self esteem, self worth, and they just keep letting this man, (and I use the term loosely) any man who treats women this way is so disrespectful and disgusting. Cancel the show, and start a new spinoff with Christine and Janelle, called the new adventures!!

      1. yes that Cody and Robin go and can’t stand to watch Cody act like he is being hurt if he’s ready for a nervous breakdown and let him go

    4. Me too. I will never spend a second of my time on a show without Christine and Jenelle. I can’t stand Kody and Robyn. Kody should learn to be a father and a provider for all of the kids he fathered before anything else. Robyn destroyed their family. Kody is the also the master mind behind all of this mess. it is a very bad example set for our children. I stopped watching TLC bc of Robyn and Kody.

    5. A spin off of Robin Kody and Meri would be very boribg.robyn crying ,Kody feeling sorry for himself and complaining in a big Pitt party poor Kody and then Neri on the sidelines desperate for and ounce of attention from Kody …yes boring but I think a Christine and janelle spin off getting thier lives back and doing new things would be cool and interesting 💗

    6. I agree! Truthfully I have not been watching faithfully because of Kody’s abusive verbal attacks on Meri,Christine, and Janelle. I don’t care for Robyn and Kody. I also saw the clip of Kory kissing Robyn’s daughter and don’t know how she can be ok with it.DCFs needs to watch them. Robyn’s and Kody need to pay Meri and Janelle back with interest.

    7. I certainly don’t want to watch Robin and Kody, and if I am watching Kody it is just as a reminder to never date a narcissistic pig . Honestly Robin I can’t stand her. maybe because I view her a a family destroyer she was never ok being a sister wife she just pretended to she married for money and fame

    1. A Christine and Janelle “Life after Sister Wives” along with the kids would be much more informative than watching Kody and Robyn manipulates one another. Meri is a strong personality. I actually feel that Kody is punishing her for the catfishing scandal, even though Kody has not been a proper husband or Father to any of the family. Meri will overcome, when she’s ready. Kody bears partial responsibility with the neglectful nature of his personality. I don’t know how anybody could handle him this long. As far as Kody and Robyn, let them manipulate each other elsewhere. I am not going to watch it.

      1. jannell an Christine Kody makes me sick way he does his wives an children him an Robyn just want there money

      2. I agree that Meri is strong she just doesn’t realize because she’s locked in that victim mindset right now. Robyn should never have been allowed in the family. If she does allow her husband to marry her daughters they should both be jailed.

  2. i used to love merie but now she is being a sucker to kody who is very mean to his wives except to robin i hope meie leaves him too

  3. There is no way I would watch that spinoff I would cancel my channel subscription it wouldn’t be worth watching and Robin deserves a kick just like she did that dog. Could you just imagine how big her head would get if kody did pick a new wife she will be head wife in charge

  4. No way would I watch a spin-off with Kody, Robyn and Meri. Kody has become a complete jerk, Robyn is so fake and manipulative and Meri doesn’t fit in at all.
    I would watch a spin off with Christine and Janel for sure.

  5. I am done watching Cody, period. and I am appalled that TLC supports and airs his abuse of others. mental abuse and verbal abuse seen and heard and used in trailers, and probably physical abuse we don’t see. that’s my take anyway. and they pay this guy to do it!

    1. I would never be able to sit through an episode with just kody, Meri and Robyn. Kody is going through a midlife crisis I believe and playing the poor victim too much. He has created his own mess! Meri has become a hypocrite. How quick she is to lash out about Christine for leaving Kody when she was messing around online and got caught… she herself was going to leave Kody, but in a shady way. Atleast Christine was honest and upfront about it!
      As for Robyn, poor thing, no job a nanny, Kody pretty much all to herself. she tries to act like it’s not what she wanted, but it’s very clear that this is exactly what she wanted. she is the only wife to really benefit from the plural marriage at this point.

      I’d love a spin off with Janelle, Christine and the kids. those two ladies are honest, upfront, and so funny! I just love them and the kids. 🙂

    2. I completely agree with you … however, TLC is still showing Joey because right now the ratings are there.
      I would NEVER watch just insane Kody, his lazy, horrible wife Robyn and Meri to (whom Kody should worship because she ALLOWED Kody to have all of this wives) in the first place, because the show is totally insane now!!
      I would DEFINITELY watch Christine and Jamelle xoxo

  6. Not interested in Kody and Robin. BORING!!!! He’s a narcissist and she’s a manipulator. Interested in Janelle and Christine as they are more interesting.

  7. Would definitely love to see Christine and Janelle in a spin-off. It would be so refreshing to see two such great ladies FINALLY happy….without that poor excuse of a husband.

    1. I would love a spin off with Christine, Janelle & maybe Meri. I can’t stand Kody and Robin thinks she’s an expert on everything. This show has really gone downhill since they left Vegas. If the show is just Kody, Robin and Meri then I’ll stop watching it. You can name the spinoff ”

  8. No way. Watching a narcissist who belongs in colorado city… who will take an 18 year old step daughter as his wife.. yeah… I don’t think so

  9. Kody and Robin the dog and pony show these 2 don’t need to be on TV at all.the she needs to get off her lazy ass and raise her kids and the little princess needs to mind.robin needs a job kody needs a job those older kids need to get their own place and grow up.

  10. I liked this show when they were moving to get away from the law they were all together fighting for there rights to raise there children .now they’ve got greedy I feel for there children how they have no rights .

  11. I would definitely watch a spinoff on Christine & Janelle but would not watch anything on Kody and his phony wife….or Meri. Don’t know what Meri’s trying to prove. Kody wants absolutely nothing to do with her yet she puts on a show of being this long suffering ‘wife’. She’s making a fool of herself.

  12. Watch them? I want to see them audited. Plural AUB families cult practices are illegal. The defrraud the taxpayers for one. Prosecute.

  13. I would never watch a spin off with Robin, Kody and Mary.
    definitely a spin off with just Christine and Janelle. they are fun together. and they have great kids, no thanks to Kody.

  14. I would definitely watch a Christine an Janelle show!! I can’t stand the thought of any SW show without these two wonderful ladies. Good luck to both of you and I hope to see you in the future.

  15. A spin off of Kody, Robyn and Meri, wouldn’t last very long as Meri would just be sitting all alone fawning over Kody who wants nothing to do with her. Robyn would have nobody to slag off about their relationship with Kody, unless she got her daughter’s to marry him. Which she wants because she lets him paw them like they are his future wives. If he touched my daughter’s like he does them, you would find him deep in the ground with just his head above the dirt on Coyote Pass.
    But a show with Christine, Janelle and their kids would be great. Kody has made it as plain as day he doesn’t want anything to do with Meri’s, Christine or Janelle’s kids.

  16. Honestly I don’t think the show will survive with Robin & Kody. Christine & Janelle would be more interesting. Might survive for a little if Kody gets another new wife but I still think people would be interested in Christine & Janelle

  17. I don’t think a spin off of either would prove entertaining or profitable, it would just be a show about everyday lives…Kody, Robin, and Meri are proving to be a joke…and Christine and Janelle would just be boring without the conflict. I think the show has basically ran it’s course…

  18. I mean. Everyone hates Kody. And Robyn. And who knows how long Meri will stick it out. So a big NO on the Kidy and Robyn show.

  19. Kodi, Robin and Meri would be unwatchable. With even more air time, Meri would have more opportunities to humiliate herself and be humiliated. Too tortorous to watch. But, Without the hook of the unusual culture (polygamy), any spinoff show would simply be regular people living normal every day lives. Where is the show in that? like shows on the ex amish, that would be as interesting as watching paint dry.

    I think this is why Kody is really so upset about Christine leaving him. its about the show, the revenue stream, Janelle following, meaning no more Sister Wives. A normal life, in a monogamous marriage with Robyn (I ignore Meri as everyone does), minus the money and fame, is not appealing to him. Hence, the freak out.

    let the show die a natural death. It’s over.

  20. I believe that Robin/sobby had planned this from the beginning! she is trash! She always wanted all for herself and her own children. if she had issues with the other sister wives she should have gone to them to find a way to work it out, instead she cried to Kody! to get him on her side!! she put her kids before the other children, she got the biggest house with everyone And this BS THAT CAN NOT BUILD WITHOUT THE LAND BEING PAID OFF?? Not where that comes from. The construction loans, the value of the land at present time not purchase price is used as part of the down payment. Janelle and Christine need to get together a file suit against kody and Robin for there portion of the total value of all the assets, land, robins house and any liquid assets owned by all wives plus child support and alimony. build your own lives. kody is not worthy of either of you. Esma

  21. couldn’t pay me enough to watch if just those 3. can’t stand Kody nor Robyn and while I used to feel sympathetic for Meri, that’s gone to the wayside, as she has shown true colors. I am only watching now to see if Janelle leaves, then I am done

  22. I never did like ugly Kody, nor Robyn! I was so glad when Christine left his nasty butt. He never did treat her & their kids good. He treats all the kids, except for Robyn’s, badly. I’m glad to know that Janelle is leaving his ugly curly hair/baldness head. I hate when he wears his thin hair straight back in a pony tail! I don’t think Robyn is that pretty… sorry! LOL! I’d rather watch Christine & Janelle over dog Kody, Robyn & Mari!! okay… next!

  23. YES, please a spin off with JUST Christine & Janelle would be so refreshing they are more than Sister Wives they are FRIENDS ❤

  24. I agree! Truthfully I have not been watching faithfully because of Kody’s abusive verbal attacks on Meri,Christine, and Janelle. I don’t care for Robyn and Kody. I also saw the clip of Kory kissing Robyn’s daughter and don’t know how she can be ok with it.DCFs needs to watch them. Robyn’s and Kody need to pay Meri and Janelle back with interest.

  25. I have been a loyal fan from the first episode. At this point, I’m tired of Robyn crying about wanting relationships with her sister wives, yet not trying herself. Kody has not right to be upset with Christine for leaving a loveless marriage. I would not watch a show with just Kody and Robyn. I would be very interested watching Christine and Janelle!! Love them!!

  26. no would not waste my time with those 2 who just want the money. they are horrible people and I’m glad Christine and Janelle left

  27. The last few years I’ve only watched to see if any of these ladies would get their self worth back… it’s happened with Christine and Janelle seems to be coming along. Meri, once my favorite wife, appears to be a lowly doormat. Robin, she’s a whole other story. She has Kody believing she’s a victim, when it’s the way she has manipulated him right into losing his kids and other wives. She even does the fake crying so often now her second oldest daughter has copied it. I’d rather watch Christine rebuild her life and Janelle breakaway for good. It would be good to see Meri get her dignity back, but that will never happen sadly. I’d have zero interest watching Kody….

  28. christine and Janelle..
    yes…”Sister Mothers”. two women, finding independence in a new stage of their lives, with their children, maybe dating, work, life. Matriarches of their own homes and lives. Kody is impossible to view without nausea, Robyn and Meri a close second. done eith those 3. just done.

  29. Kody and Robin will lie the whole time. so No to Kody and Robin. Besides who in the world would want that so-called man for a husband after watching him in just one show. All I can say is he better be thankful that he had those ladies as his wife. Me, first time he jumped up and threw his little fit, I promise I could break that habit. I would teach him to respect me.

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