‘Gold Rush’: What Happened To Gene Cheeseman?

Gene Cheeseman / YouTube

Gold Rush fans started a Reddit thread recently and wondered what happened to fan-favorite Gene Cheesman. While some fans thought that a big firm hired him after seeing him on Gold Rush, the answer is actually a lot different.

Here is where Gene Cheeseman is now and why he left Gold Rush.

Where is Gene Cheeseman on Gold Rush?

Gene Cheeseman was a popular member of the Gold Rush cast, someone with gold running through their veins. He worked with Parker Schnabel, and many feel he was part of the reason that Parker made as much money as he did over the years. At least he was a crew member that helped Parker more than he got in the way.

Gene Cheeseman / YouTube

Gene started out working for Parker in Season 4 and Season 5 of Gold Rush. That was the team that made Parker $4 million in gold. However, the two men had a falling out and he ended up leaving. In 2015, he joined Tony Beets’ crew. In 2018, he left, and then he was back with Rick Ness in 2020.

However, in 2022, Gene was gone. So, fans wondered what happened to the miner. The Reddit thread simply started with the title, “I miss Gene Cheeseman.” There wasn’t any other text and only a photo of the miner posing for the camera. That led to people wondering what happened to the man.

One fan suggested, “Probably some big company hired him after watching him on the show. That’s what I want to believe.” Another wrote, “Don’t know if he has the ability or the desire to work for someone else for any period of time.”

However, neither of those answers was correct. Instead, Gene is still working for Tony Beets. He just wants nothing to do with being on TV anymore.

Gene Cheeseman is still working with Tony Beets

Gene Cheeseman was a legend in Alaskan gold mining. In an episode in 2020, he was called a “quarter-century mining veteran and gold recovery legend.” His great-grandfather was a gold miner in Alaska, so it runs in his blood. Now in his 50s himself, Gene is still working and is still on Tony Beets’ crew.

Gene Cheeseman / YouTube

He ran a Twitter account at one time, although he never seemed comfortable with it. In one tweet, he said he didn’t care if he was ever on Gold Rush and was just there to work. However, Looper reports that Beets is back with Tony, and he has even made good with Parker after their falling out. However, Tony likely knows that he has a gem in Gene and has no problem if he doesn’t want to appear on TV.

Do you miss Gene Cheeseman on Gold Rush? What are some of your favorite memories of the miner? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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