Is ‘Gold Rush’ Canceled? Will Discovery Show Return For Season 10?

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Is Gold Rush canceled? Has Gold Rush been renewed for Season 10? What is next for Parker Schnabel, Rick Ness and Tony Beets? Is Gold Rush coming back for Season 10 on Discovery? This is what we know so far.

Is Gold Rush Canceled?

Gold Rush Season 9 just finished airing, with some incredible totals. Parker Schnabel’s finale campfire gold weigh -in turned out a total of 7,427.25 ounces for Season 8. Rick Ness, who was told that you never make money that first year, weighed in a total of 1,105 ounces for the season. He was able to give his friends jars of gold, and it made him the first rookie gold miner that actually made money. Then Tony Beets, who gave up his quest for 6,000 ounces of gold, wound up weighing  gold at over 4,000 ounces. Fans of the Viking certainly want to see him beat Parker next season, but will there be a Gold Rush Season 10?

According to Renew Cancel TV, Discovery Channel has not officially announced that there will be a Season 10 for fans to look forward to. Yet, it appears that there will be another season based on the conversation with all three miners on The Dirt, with Christo Doyle. It appears that for the time being, Gold Rush is going to continue to air on Friday nights on Discovery. They just don’t seem to care about crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s. Then again, everyone knows how great this show is. Why would Discovery ever ax it?

Parker Schnabel Will Strike Out On His Own

Whether there are Discovery cameras following him or not, Parker Schnabel will go out on his own in Season 10, This is the natural step for this long-running, coming of age story. Originally, he worked his grandpa John’s claim. This is where he learned how to become a gold miner from a young age. Then, Tony Beets took teenage Parker seriously, as he agreed to let him lease land for a rather large percentage. Minnie Beets always admired how hard Parker worked and encouraged the relationship. She has to be counting her blessings, because Dredge #2 has taken two years, and countless expense and it is still not running. Parker’s commission on the land he leases for Tony has brought them millions.

Throughout the many seasons, Tony and Parker didn’t always have the best relationship, yet, in the end, Parker admitted that Tony was the only guy that gave his younger self a chance. He would not be this huge success without Tony Beets. This was a huge Parker Schnabel revelation at the end of Season 9.

Should Gold Rush go into Season 10, Discovery fans will see Schnabel continue to grow as an entrepreneur. He will really go out on his own now. We will also see how he deals with new landlords, and other stresses that a growing entrepreneur encounters. One thing is clear, his pal Chris Doumitt will be right there, guiding him and tactfully bestowing his wisdom. Parker has learned from his grandpa John, Gene Cheeseman and now from Chris.

Rick Ness Will Enlist Freddy Dodge And His Milwaukee Pals

When Rick Ness embarked on his first season, his beloved mother was dying. He admits he was ill prepared for his first season of mining. Longtime Gold Rush fans were a bit surprised to see such a seasoned miner forget so many details, but it is to be understood. Rick’s family always came first and he went through a heartbreaking time.

Rick told Christo Doyle that he will be bringing all but one of his Milwaukee pals for Season 10. Who is not coming? We will have to wait to find out. Meanwhile, Rick and Freddy Dodge have paired up again and have been looking at some land. Like Parker, Rick has teamed up with the experienced Freddy, who has a wealth of gold mining knowledge. What does this mean for Rick’s totals next season? Looks as promising as his acrobatic routine with Karla Ann!

Will Tony Beets Finally Get Dredge#2 Running?

Tony Beets has spent the last two seasons getting Dredge #2 moved. In Season 10, he will have to get it running and making some money, or he will have some explaining to do. Minnie cannot be happy that this process is taking so long. It sounds like his first rule of order is buckets. How long will that take? Hard to know. In addition, it sounds like Tony will finally allow cameras to be seen at a previously unknown stake. We may finally see some gold mining Viking-style!

Do you think that Discovery will cancel Gold Rush? Do you want to see a Gold Rush Season 10? Who is your favorite miner and who do you think will get the most gold if Gold Rush renews for Season 10? Share your favorites and predictions below in the comments field.Don’t forget, Gold Rush: Parker’s TrailSeason 3 will premiere on April 5, at 9:00 p.m., ET/PT, on Discovery.

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  1. it was a great season this year without the Hoffman clown show….the only reason l could see for canceling the show would be the cost of producing the show…its bound to go up each year. i sure hope it returns.its just about the only TV l watch that isnt news or weather.

  2. Please don’t cancel one of the best shows ever to appear on tv. Everyone can’t wait to see the next episode. Its terrific.

  3. I have watched every episode. I always root for Parker. He may be rough around the edges but he is grounded by his family. I wish everyone the best.

    1. Parker Looks Like My Grandson,So When He Fell Down That Mining Site In Papua New Ginny,I Almost Cried.I Love To See Him Win,He Has Came A Long Way.

  4. I think Discovery would want to keep the most popular show on cable and it’s network. The appeals to guys like me who are in the dirt business. Not to mention the general public who sees how much gold they can mine.
    What most people don’t know and the show has to edit out is the cost to get the gold.
    Parker and the other miner talk about. But I know what goes on that the viewers don’t see.
    Good luck to all..

  5. This season was great without the Hoffman carnival show. But I did find myself often wondering in what fantastic way would the Hoffman’s screw up the operations we watched if they were running the show.

  6. Hoping Gold Rush continues as long as they can keep up with the gold mining. It’s a great show. We watch it all the time.

  7. The show is great to watch. Parker is good for it but the show would not have lastest as long as it has without Tony Beets

  8. Please don’t cancel one of the best shows on TV. Enjoy Parker, Rick, AndTony. Glad to see Freddy will return as has is a wealth of knowledge and one of the most likable guys on the show.

  9. Please do not let Gold Rush go…………I enjoy it so much , I am 80 years old and love to watch the young people work so hard to make good. Wish there were more like them, it would be a better use of there time…….and better for our country…..

  10. Me and my family enjoy watching gold rush been watching it a long time hope they bring it back for season 10. I see rick and Freddie dodge is back and looking for new ground they should have a real good year coming new season. I like to see Tony beers get his dredge #2 up and running. And I’m sure parker will have a monster haul of gold as always.

  11. Tony has dredge 3 as spare parts. He should use the buckets from this dredge.
    Love the show. We need to see more of the technical engineering stuff.

  12. I was hoping to see Parker become the good neighbor he should be.
    What about them crazy Dakota Boys?!
    Fred Hurt at 75 years old! Just awesome!
    Both the shows recored as one two hour show all season.

  13. I sure hope “Gold Rush” returns! It’s one of two shows we watch,as for a favorite miner……. guess we’ll find out next season!! Sooooo, c u then.

  14. Please let it be 10-20 seasons more of the best show ever,Tony and Parker and Rick and Freddy D,they are the best of all…

  15. I completely missed this season. Gold Rush is the only show I watch on Discovery, and because I don’t watch anything else I never saw the ads for it. I was flipping through and saw Parker in South America again. And, to top it off, my internet isn’t good enough to stream it all. So, I missed an entire season. I sure hope it’s not the last one.

  16. Just discovered this show, and love it….Would love to see a season 10. Love Parker (will like him even better when he learns how to treat his crew better, but understand why he pushes them, Rick ( hope he makes it on his own but miss his calming influence on Parker) and Dave (really miss his presence on the show) Tony is one of those people you like him sometimes, other times you just hate him. Thank you for bringing us this great show

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