Steve Harvey Dubs Sherri Shepherd Top Of ‘Worst Celebrities’ List

Steve Harvey & Sherri Shepherd

Steve Harvey claims that Sherri Shepherd is one of the “worst celebrities” of all time. The game show host made an appearance on her new daytime talk show. Steve looked unrecognizable with his new look. Find out what made him say this.

Pokes fun at Sherri Shepherd on her talk show

On the latest broadcast of Sherri Shepherd’s talk show, Steve Harvey poked fun at his friend. He rocked aviator glasses and a casual outfit that made fans do a double-take. He wore a chocolate brown suede jacket with a black T-shirt and jeans. Steve looked different since he wore shades and didn’t wear his signature suit.

Sherri spoke to him about his popular game show, Family Feud. He admitted that she’s one of the “worst celebrities” to ever play on there. In fact, Sherri landed in the top three list. The Family Feud host shared one of the craziest moments from when she appeared in 2018.

Steve Harvey [Sherri | YouTube]
[Sherri | YouTube]
“You are the worst!” Steve Harvey blurted out during the interview.

“What did that have to do with the question!” Sherri asked. “I was so nervous when you were asking the question.”

“I know your history! I’ve been with you through your marriage and everything!” Steve Harvey joked. “That was personal!”

Steve Harvey & Sherri Shepherd [Sherri | YouTube]
[Sherri | YouTube]
Sherri competed against Sharknado actor Ian Ziering and other stars on Celebrity Family Feud. At the time, Steven asked them to name something that a policewoman would make her husband do in the bedroom. Sherri exclaimed: “Cut his penis off!” Steve Harvey looked in shock as the audience laughed.

The rest of the contestants were in shock over Sherri’s response. Steve reminded her that this was a family-friendly game show. He joked that it wasn’t a “therapy” session. Steve added that Sherri shouldn’t share her “innermost thoughts.”

Steve Harvey shares something deeply personal

In a previous episode of Family Feud, Steve Harvey got deeply personal. The television star was confused when he saw his name on the cue card. He asked: “Name something you think Steve Harvey spends a lot of money on.”

One contestant responded: “Wife, Steve!” The Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man author said: “Yes! That should be number one!” The board revealed: “suits, wife, and women.” Steve waved his hands around as he declared that he doesn’t have several “women” in his life.

Family Feud fans could tell that he was nervous during the game. Steve Harvey gave a shout-out to his wife, Marjorie Elaine Harvey. They noticed that his voice trembled. Others joked that the show was trying to get him “in trouble” with his wife. Steve wed Marjorie in 2007.

What are your thoughts on what Steve Harvey said about Sherri Shepherd? Do you agree with him that she’s one of the worst celebrity contestants? Sound off below in the comment section.

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