Alfonso Ribeiro Makes A Shocking Revelation About His TV Habits

Alfonso Ribeiro from The Steve Harvey Show

Alfonso Ribeiro couldn’t be happier to be part of Dancing With The Stars this year. The Fresh Prince actor has been a huge fan of the show for years. He even took home the Mirrorball Trophy back in Season 19.

Although the actor has been in the world of TV for quite some time, there is one genre he just can’t get into. And it might really surprise some of his fans. Keep reading and find out the sort of TV Alfonso Ribeiro just can’t get into.

Alfonso Ribeiro thinks reality TV is a bit silly in general

Believe it or not, actor Alfonso Ribeiro isn’t a big fan of reality TV. In particular, he really isn’t into Bachelor Nation.

“My wife watches it, and I happen to be in the room,” the 51-year-old actor told the New York Post. “But I don’t watch it. Because I am not watching people pretend to fall in love and they never do.”

Alfonso Ribeiro from The Steve Harvey Show
Alfonso Ribeiro/The Steve Harvey Show

He went on to say that he thought it was a silly show about people who never stay together. He noted that Trista and Ryan Sutter are still together but wasn’t impressed that no other couple managed to stay engaged or married. Of course, the irony wasn’t lost on Alfonso. Disney also owns ABC, which airs Bachelor Nation shows.

“I am having Disney ABC people ready to kill me right now,” the actor joked in the interview. “I want to watch a show where they actually stay together. Like ‘lets go on this three month journey that ends in disaster. It will be so much fun.’”

Tom Bergeron and Alfonso Ribeiro from Instagram
Tom Bergeron & Alfonso Ribeiro/Instagram

Alfonso Ribeiro can’t stand Bachelor Nation, but it’s not the only show he refuses to watch. He also isn’t a big fan of Jersey Shore.

“Why watch it when you can go to it? I’m from New York … how many of those guys did I know, I know 35 of them,” he continued.

The Bachelorette and Jersey Shore both have competitors on DWTS this year

Alfonso Ribeiro is certainly entitled to his own opinions. However, Gabby Windey of The Bachelorette and Vinny Guadagnino of Jersey Shore are both competing on Dancing With The Stars Season 31. Hopefully, he won’t let his personal opinions about their shows cloud his judgment while hosting.

Vinny and his partner Koko had the lowest scores in night one, but they made it through to the next episode. Gabby and her partner Val performed very well and easily advanced. The winners of DWTS Seasons 28 and 29 were both former Bachelorettes. Gabby may very well have a shot here — even if Alfonso doesn’t like her show.

Alfonso Ribeiro and Tyra Banks will host Elvis Night this Monday on Disney+. The new episode starts at 8 PM eastern time, so don’t forget to tune in! There will be so much excitement to see.

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