Oprah Winfrey Almost Scared Sherri Shepherd From Hosting Show?

Sherri Shepherd [The View | YouTube]

Sherri Shepherd revealed that Oprah Winfrey almost scared her from having her own show. She was unsettled about taking over for her predecessor Wendy Williams. She took part in a “scary” conversation with the original daytime diva. Some fans would argue and say that honor goes to Wendy.

Oprah had her own talk show long before the two ladies did. Sherri got mentored by the television personality before she premiered her eponymous talk show in September. She almost backed out of the idea after their conversation. Read on to learn more about the warning that Oprah sent her.

Oprah Winfrey [People TV | YouTube]
[People TV | YouTube]

Sherri Shepherd & Oprah Winfrey’s scary conversation

Sherri Shepherd had second thoughts about having her own namesake talk show. She appeared as a guest on Friday’s broadcast of The View. Sherri was a former co-host of the morning talk show. Sherri was happy to return to her old digs, where she got her start.

During the interview, she admitted that she had a frightening conversation with Oprah Winfrey about her new gig. The advice scared her silly. Sherri admitted that she almost backed out of hosting her own talk show. She revealed what happened when the two talked for some time.

Sherri Shepherd [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
Oprah reached out to Sherri via text message. The two scheduled a time to talk on the phone. They talked for almost an hour. During that time, Oprah advised Sherri not to “worry about the ratings.” She also informed her on what she should focus on when it comes to hosting her own talk show.

“Energy that you give off is what the audience will give back to you,” Sherri Shepherd shared with the panel. “So, it’s all about your energy. You’re responsible for that energy. You’re responsible for the show, it’s your name.”

Sherri admitted that Oprah “scared” her. Suddenly, she didn’t want to host the show anymore. Thankfully, she didn’t go back on her word. Since her show premiered last month, she admitted that it’s been “a lot of fun.”

Receives encouraging messages

The two are still in touch to this day. Sherri Shepherd received encouraging messages from Oprah. She tells her that she’s “doing great” and to “keep it up.” Sherri even received advice from The View co-hosts.

“Joy Behar said to me, ‘The moment you open up your mouth, half the world is going to hate,'” Sherri Shepherd shared with the audience. “[Whoopi Goldberg said] ‘It’s never about you, it’s always for someone else. So take it off you and know that you’re taking people on a journey.'”

Sherri became a permanent replacement for Wendy Williams. Wendy took a break from her series in September 2021. The series got canceled earlier this year. However, Sherri doesn’t feel pressure in ending up in Wendy’s timeslot.

What are your thoughts on Oprah scaring Sherri Shepherd? Do you think she should’ve gone through with her talk show? Do you think it was worth it? Sound off below in the comment section.

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