Steve Harvey Freaks As He Witnesses Violence On Show

Steve Harvey from Family Feud

Stevey Harvey has definitely seen a lot of chaos and silliness during his time as host of Family Feud. However, a recent incident happened during an episode that few saw coming.

The host is no stranger to ridiculous answers on the show. But other contestants on this specific episode of Celebrity Family Feud reacted very badly when one of their teammates gave a bad answer. Keep reading to see exactly what unfolded and how Steve Harvey reacted to the situation.

Steve Harvey is stunned after violence on set during a taping

Many fans were surprised to learn that an act of violence happened on a recent episode of Celebrity Family Feud. But the shock wore off a little bit once they realized the episode was comprised of the cast of Jackass Forever. This cast is known for inflicting bodily harm on one another for the sake of pranks and laughs.

But what exactly prompted the incident in the first place?

Steve Harvey from Family Feud
Steve Harvey/Family Feud

“Tell me something you’d hate to have happen while you’re making love in an airplane bathroom,” show host Steve Harvey asked. Of course, the Jackass cast couldn’t help but give ridiculous answers.

“You accidentally went number two in the wrong direction,” Dave England answered. Team leader Johnny Knoxville thought that was a really stupid answer, so he pulled out a taser and shoved it into Dave’s chest. Dave England fell to the ground and his teammates helped him back up. Steve Harvey watched in stunned silence.

“I’m sorry, Steve, but that was a terrible answer,” Johnny Knoxville replied.

“He tased his ass!” Steve Harvey exclaimed after a moment.

Johnny also tased Danger Ehren when he too gave a bad answer. The Jackass star even went on to tase himself after he was disappointed in his own response. Steve never seemed to get used to the tasing on set.

“You know, when your teammate gives an answer, you’re supposed to go, ‘Good answer. Good answer.’ You’re not supposed to punish him by tasing his ass,” the Family Feud host said.

Johnny Knoxville didn’t have much to say in response. He said he just did it because they were all giving bad answers.

Jeaopardy! gives Family Feud a run for its money

Family Feud has been one of the most popular televised game shows for years. However, it seems as if Jeopardy! recently overthrew it in viewership. Perhaps the Jackass episode was exactly what the show needed to pull ahead in ratings.

Stay tuned for more information on Family Fraud and your other favorite game shows. With any luck, there will be more exciting news to share.

Were you just as stunned as Steve Harvey during the Jackass episode? Let everyone know what you think in the comments.


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