Todd Chrisley Gives Control To Grayson On His Way Out

Todd Chrisley and his wife Julie are expected to report for their prison sentences on Tuesday, January 17. As the date draws closer, many people have kept their eyes on the Chrisley family’s social media accounts and have been waiting for some kind of announcement. The family has been relatively quiet. However, it was noticed that Todd Chrisley handed over control to his son, Grayson, on one thing. What was it? Keep reading to find out.

Julie & Todd Chrisley Head To Prison

Todd Chrisley will report to prison for his 12-year sentence on Tuesday. His wife, Julie Chrisley, will also be reporting for her seven-year sentence that day. They were handed their sentences in late November and were able to spend the holidays with their family before serving any time.

Julie and Todd Chrisley on 'Chrisley Knows Best' - YouTube
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While the family attorney has said that an appeal is forthcoming, it will likely be a year or more before anything happens with that.

Recently, Julie Chrisley spoke out about what it would be like to be away from her husband for so long. As she contemplates the future of her marriage, Todd is trying to hand over the reins to his children before he heads off to do his bid.

Todd Hands Over Control To Grayson

It has been known that Todd Chrisley manages his son Grayson’s Instagram account. In fact, it was stated that Todd managed the page in the bio until recently. As he draws closer to having to report for his prison sentence, Todd seems to have handed over control of the account.

The bio now reads, “The Official Instagram of Grayson Chrisley.” The overall feel of the content being shared recently has changed as well. It feels like Grayson really is the one behind the posts.

Grayson Chrisley's Instagram account, formerly managed by Todd Chrisley - Instagram
Instagram/Grayson Chrisley

That being said, it was recently revealed that Savannah Chrisley actually controls most of the family’s social media interactions. She shared on her podcast recently that Todd Chrisley doesn’t even manage his own page, she does. Julie manages her own page, but Savannah limited comments on all of the family’s pages following their guilty verdicts.

According to Savannah, she limited comments across the board to protect everyone’s mental health. Grayson’s comment section on Instagram has always been limited and the young reality TV star has not changed that since gaining control of the account.

Savannah has also shared that she would be getting custody of her younger brother, Grayson. She will also be the legal guardian of her niece, Chloe.

Given Savannah’s comments about managing her family’s social media handles and the fact that she will be Grayson’s legal guardian once Julie and Todd Chrisley go to prison, it is assumed she will control most of the content shared on Grayson’s page. Either way, the months ahead are sure to be difficult for the entire Chrisley crew.

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