Todd Chrisley Skipped Out On Many Owed Debts & Bills

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Todd Chrisley skipped out on several owed debts over the years before he ended up in court for tax evasion. This was learned thanks to the court documents for the Chrisley legal case, which are online and available for people to see.

Here is a look at the debts left behind for Chrisley over the past few years.

Todd Chrisley owed a lot of people money

Todd Chrisley went on trial for tax evasion charges. However, thanks to the evidence brought into the case, people learned how many people Chrisley skipped out on paying over the years. These documents are available to see on the Court Listener website, which has the actual court documents linked from PACER.

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In the 305th document from the case, there were several attachments that listed the past debts that Chrisley owed to people. This included people who worked for him, people who he contracted, and even his own attorneys. Here is a look at what these documents showed.

Bill Abbott was a witness for the defense in the case, sworn in to testify on June 1, 2022 (via document 222). During the cross-examination portion of his testimony, Abbott revealed several things about past Chrisley debts. This included the contractors and subcontractors that worked on their home that they reportedly refused to pay.

According to the court reports, one contractor emailed them and said they wanted to continue the construction but couldn’t until they received payment. They received no response. An architecture film reportedly also emailed them asking for payment so they can continue their work, and also received no response.

Abbott also testified that a web developer emailed Chrisley an invoice for $28,000 owed and Todd reportedly refused to pay. There were also other vendors that sent emails that Chrisley ignored.

There was also a professional appraiser hired to inventory and value a warehouse full of furniture. When he finished and billed for payment, Chrisley reportedly said not to pay her. Annie Kate Pons helped Todd Chrisley get his TV show on the air and he reportedly owed her $10,000, which he also never paid.

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Todd Chrisley didn’t even pay his attorneys

When Todd Chrisley went to court to fight his tax evasion charges, he clearly needed an attorney. However, this was tough since Chrisley also didn’t pay them. Robert Furr testified that Chrisley owed him $200,000. He didn’t pay this money until they needed him to testify for them. He didn’t testify until the overdue balance was paid.

Leron Rogers was the attorney who helped Chrisley set up the 7C’s Productions. He testified he stopped working for them because they never paid their bills. His own law firm had to sue Chrisley to get the $50,000 for legal services provided.

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