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BIG Update On Todd & Julie Chrisley Sentencing & New Trial

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A recent update to Todd and Julie Chrisley’s legal woes has surfaced as their sentencing date has been delayed. As fans recall, the Chrisley Knows Best couple was convicted of bank fraud and tax evasion. They’ve been on house arrest ever since. Originally, they were slated to be sentenced for their conviction on October 6th. According to People Magazine, court documents confirm their sentencing has been delayed to November 21.

Todd and Julie Chrisley conviction update: What does this mean?

According to the papers obtained by People Magazine, the government did not object to the sentencing being delayed. In fact, the government agreed the couple and their legal team had a good reason for pushing the sentencing back.

It was back in June that the couple was found guilty of conspiracy to commit bank fraud, conspiracy to defraud the United States, and tax fraud. Julie Chrisley was also found guilty of wire fraud. Both Todd and Julie Chrisley continue to deny they have done anything wrong. At this time, fans are pretty divided on the issue. Many fans believe Todd and Julie’s claims that they were set up. There are also many fans, however, that believe they did the crime and think they can buy their way out of the consequences. The Chrisley Knows Best family and their children have told fans they are leaning heavily on their faith as they believe justice were prevail in the end.

Todd & Julie Chrisley's Guilty Verdict [E! News | YouTube]
[E! News | YouTube]

The couple hopes for a new trial

In August, the couple’s legal team filed new paperwork. A joint motion for a new trial. The motion claimed the couple did not receive a fair trial because of someone who lied on the stand. The government presented and failed to correct false testimony from IRS Revenue Officer Betty Carter, who lied about the Chrisleys owing taxes for years when she knew no taxes were due.

The motion continued to explain: “This testimony had the effect of falsely painting the Chrisleys as untruthful, likely to commit other forms of fraud, and evading the tax payments alleged in the indictment.”

During the three-week trial, Assistant US Attorney Annalise Peters claimed Todd and Julie Chrisley used false documents to exaggerate how much money they had to obtain a large loan. Annalise Peters alleged the couple proceeded to burn through the money via their lavish lifestyle.

Todd And Julie Chrisley YouTube

Presently, Todd and Julie Chrisley face up to three decades behind bars if they are found guilty. Time will tell if the couple will be granted an entirely new trial with the original conviction tossed out.

Share your thoughts on this latest update about the criminal convictions against the Chrisley family in the comments down below. And keep coming ba

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  1. I personally have a hard time believing this couple is guilty of any charges brought forth. They appear to be a close knit loving family that have morals and stand on their faith. I guess it will be interesting how this plays our. I just don’t believe this any of these charges and most likely were set up.

      1. Do you personally know them? Do you know their financial business? NO, you do not. A blind man can see you’re nasty. Running your big fat opinionated mouth about something you know absolutely NOTHING about. Idk them. I don’t watch their show every day. I know who they are. I will give them the benefit of the doubt. And hope they come through this trying time. And the truth will shine. I don’t believe they would deliberately defraud the government & risk their freedom. That’s something traitor tRump does.

  2. I do not believe Todd and Julie Chrisley are guilty of anything!!!
    Todd would never do such a stupid thing like this!!! Clearly they were set up!!! Release these people and concentrate on some real criminals because it is not them!!!

  3. I truly believe Todd and Julie were set up. Hopefully the truth will come out and they can continue with their life. This is horrible what they’re going through.

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