Julie & Todd Chrisley Defrauded The BP Oil Spill Fund

Julie and Todd Chrisley will be reporting for their prison sentences on January 17, 2023. As the day approaches, more people are digging into the court documents to see what the disgraced Bravo royalty have actually done. They have been charged with bank fraud and tax fraud, as well as conspiracy charges. However, documents show that it goes a bit deeper, including defrauding the BP oil spill fund. Continue reading to find out the details.

False Testimony From Chrisley Employees

When it comes to the case against the Chrisleys, much of the trial was muddled by false claims from employees. Julie and Todd Chrisley allegedly put Donna Cash up on the stand to lie on their behalf. According to the court documents, nearly everything she said on the stand was a lie.

Cash went up on the stand to say that the Chrisleys had no knowledge of the fraud because she and Mark Braddock were the ones committing the crimes. She stated that she and Braddock committed tax fraud behind the backs of Todd and Julie Chrisley for their benefit.

Julie Chrisley - YouTube, Chrisley Knows Best
YouTube/Chrisley Knows Best

Additionally, Cash said that she hacked into the couple’s voicemail to delete messages from banks. Not to mention, she testified that Julie and Todd Chrisley had no idea that Braddock was filing false claims with the BP oil spill fund. However, there is audio evidence of Julie asking when they could expect the check from the claim.

How Did Julie & Todd Chrisley Defraud The BP Oil Spill Fund?

According to the court records, Julie and Todd Chrisley “defrauded the BP oil spill fund by falsely claiming that their Florida vacation home had lost rental income from the oil spill, despite the fact that ‘Julie Got Her Way’ had never been a rental property.”

The BP oil spill fund is a $20 billion trust fund intended to help homeowners impacted by the tragedy. Even though the Chrisleys were making millions of dollars every year, they couldn’t pass up a chance to put more in their pockets.

Todd Chrisley and Julie Chrisley - YouTube, Chrisley Knows Best
YouTube/Chrisley Knows Best

On top of that, Todd Chrisley claimed he lived in Florida even though he was a resident of Roswell, Georgia. This was in an effort to avoid paying Georgia taxes. Following these facts in the 71-page document, there is a bullet-point list of other alleged crimes.

This included bank fraud schemes that added up to over $20 million in loans over the years. Todd Chrisley and his wife Julie even allegedly tried to scam NBC out of a few thousand dollars, billing the production company for fabricated invoices.

Next Tuesday, Julie and Todd Chrisley will report for their seven and 12-year sentences, respectively. It is not yet known where either of them will serve their time and their family attorney has confirmed that they will be filing for an appeal.

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