Mykelti Padron’s Husband Realizes Their Family Needs Something

Mykelti Padron Tony Padron YouTube

Sister Wives star Mykelti Padron’s husband, Tony Pardon, realizes that his growing family needs something. The father of three got married to Christine Brown’s daughter on December 17, 2016, and in a matter of years, they are now a family of five. And now, the 28-year-old revealed in his latest Instagram post that he needs something for his family. What do they need? Keep reading to find out the details!

Tony And Mykelti Padron’s Family Barely Fit In The Car

On Saturday, Tony took to Instagram to share two sweet pictures of the family. He shared a picture of Mykelti with her newborn twins and daughter Avalon Asa. The reality star sat by the couch on the floor with her kids tucked between her thighs. Avalon held her twin brothers in her arms as she smiled at the camera. The second picture was that of Avalon with her twin siblings minus the mom.

Mykelti Padron Tony Padron YouTube

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Tony Padron captioned the picture, “By the womb from which they came! I can’t believe these kids at some point were inside my Wife (@mykeltip)! lol, but really My little family is now kinda sizable. We barely fit in our (car emoji).”

He suggested that the family might need a new car soon given how their kids are growing at a fast rate. Their daughter Avalon, who was born on April 5, 2021, is almost 2 years old now.

Sister Wives Fans Suggest Tony Should Get A Van

In the comments section, fans gushed over the twins and Avalon. One wrote, “I think the boys kinda realize their sister has a strong personality at a young age.. going by the looks on their faces.”

Another admired the young mom stating, “I can’t believe she just had twins! She looks amazing!!”

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A third agreed, “She looks amazing…a healthy glow. And a sense of peace around her.”

A fourth fan suggested to Tony the type of vehicle that would best suit a growing family. They wrote, “I was anti-van for the longest time until I finally needed one and holy cow does it have a lot of creature features and it’s much more comfortable for long trips.”

Mykelti Padron Claps Back At Trolls

While fans reacted positively to this sweet picture, Mykelti Padron was earlier bashed and shamed for breastfeeding in public. However, she clapped back stating that everyone eats out, so her babies should be able to do that as well. The Sister Wives star noted that she had been told several times by other women to cover up. She also added that strangers wouldn’t ask an adult to go inside a bathroom to eat his/her food.

Mykelti Padron YouTube

What do you think of Tony Padron and Mykelti Padron’s growing family? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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