Tony Padron Overloads Fans With Cuteness, Feels Blessed

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Tony and Mykelti Padron are feeling overwhelmed, but it’s not due to stress or anxiety. The couple recently welcomed their twin sons and they just can’t get over how adorable they are. Recently, Tony wanted to share with their fans just how cute their family is. He shared an adorable photo of the twins with their big sister, Avalon looking over them. The boys were wearing matching outfits from Robyn Brown and Avalon has the most adorable look on her face!

The Padrons Welcome Twins

On November 17, 2022, Mykleti and Tony were so happy to share with their fans that they now had two adorable boys joining the family. Ace and Archer joined the family and have brought a lot of sunshine to their lives so far. The twins weighed in at 6.15 pounds and 6.8 pounds and they were both 19 inches long. Mykelti had joked about how she just knew that the boys would come early. Even though she was given a December due date, she told her fans that she knew they would come before Thanksgiving.

Mykelti Padron-Instagram
Mykelti Padron-Instagram

Tony is thrilled to have two sons and is ready for them to grow up so that he can play sports with them, although, he is just enjoying their times as newborns right now. He told his fans, “I’m excited about having double the trouble and double the fun.”

Christine Brown, Mykelti’s mother added, “I’m so excited, they’re such great parents. I know they’re a bit overwhelmed because it’s twins, and it’s a lot of work but I live close, and Aspyn lives close. She’s got such an amazing support system, we’re all so excited. They’ve been incredible parents to Avalon and now we get to see them be parents again!”

Tony’s New Cuteness Overload

Just this week, Tony wanted to share just how cute his family was and just knew that his fans would appreciate it. In the picture on Instagram, it looks as if Avalon is looking over her baby brothers and Tony captioned it, “Somehow I’ve been blessed with some adorable kids! Thanks, @robyn_browns_nest for the matching twin outfits.”

The couple now has three children under three years old, but it doesn’t seem to phase them right now. Of course, they are getting a lot of help from their family.

Tony Padron- Instagram
Tony Padron-Instagram

Many of their fans are curious how they chose the names for the twins and Tony revealed that Archer is the gamer tag that he uses online and Ace is a name that they both really liked. Tony and Mykelti have let their fans know that they will not be having any more children and that they are very happy with the three that they have now.

Tony and Mykelti can be found on their Instagram accounts, where they share these adorable photos frequently! Keep coming back to TvShowsAce for more on this adorable family.

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