Tony Padron Shares Sweet Snap Of Twins With ‘Other Grandpa’

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Tony Padron and his wife, Mykleti Padron have made plenty of fans from being on Sister Wives. They just welcomed twin boys, Ace and Archer and their world has been a little busy. When they welcomed their twins, they knew that life would be crazy and they have told fans just how blessed they feel. As they have started to share more with their fans, Tony Padron recently shared an Instagram post of the twins with his father.

Ace & Archer See Their ‘Other Grandpa

In his recent posts on Instagram, Tony Padron has been sharing pictures of his sons alongside their grandfathers. In one post, Tony shared a picture of Kody Brown and his son, Archer. He captioned this post, “Come on, Archer for sure got the “Brown family” gene. Right?? Ace is almost all “Padron”! Ace’s hair might come from the Allreds. (Christine’s family genes).” Of course, fans were happy to see these comparisons.

Tony Padron- Instagram
Tony Padron- Instagram

It is clear that the twins do have some strong genes and Tony wanted to share another picture of the boys. In this photo, they are being held by his father and there is a strong comparison in their looks. His fans were quick to add their comments on how much the twins do look like Tony Padron’s father. One wrote, “You can really see how much they resemble your father!” Another wrote, “They got your genes and they look so much like him!”

Tony Padron Surrounded With Family

With all of the love and joy that the twins are bringing, fans are curious about how stressful it is to have three young kids in the house. From the looks of it, Mykelti and Tony Padron have a lot of help. Living in Utah, they are close to Christine and Mykelti’s sister, Aspyn Brown. In fact, Aspyn and her husband were spotted gaming with Tony Padron just a few days ago. Christine has jumped in anywhere that she can too.

Although Tony is getting a lot of positive feedback about his new photos with his father, there were some things that he had to clarify. In some of the comments on his pictures, his followers asked him about his father. These critics made comments about his ethnicity and citizenship. Of course, Tony Padron didn’t want to have to break it down for them, but he did it in a very polite way.

Tony Padron- Instagram
Tony Padron- Instagram

However, Tony’s fans were shocked that people are asking him about his father in this way. More so, many of them pointed out that this was rude and he shouldn’t even worry about the haters. Tony Padron continues to keep a positive attitude no matter what! Yes, his fans love his sarcasm and wit, but when it comes to staying happy about life and his family, he seems to be doing a fine job.

Who do you think the twins look like? Do they have the Brown or Padron genes? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to keep an eye on TV Shows Ace for more Mykelti and Tony Padron!

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