‘SW’ Fans Saddened By What Tony Padron Clarifies

Tony Padron- TLC

Sister Wives fans are praising Tony Padron for being an amazing dad to his three children. Recently, he and his wife, Mykelti Padron welcomed twin boys before Thanksgiving. Tony and Mykelti have been sharing a lot of photos of the boys along with updates on how Avalon has stepped in to be a great big sister. Additionally, they have shared memories that their other relatives are making with the boys as well. Just this week, Tony Padron shared a photo of his sons, Ace and Archer with his father. The comments that he received on this post were pretty upsetting, to say the least.

A Loving Family Instagram Post

When Tony Padron shared a photo of his father with his sons, he got a lot of feedback. Although the post was sweet and loving, not all of the comments were. Tony felt as if he had to backtrack just to address the hate. The post in question featured Tony’s father holding the twins. Tony Padron wanted to show his fans just how much his father loved Ace and Archer. Tony Padron captioned it, “You know, some comments had a good point from my last post. So here is the other Grandpa! (My Dad) Also, yes, he’s a citizen, sadly I’ve had to clarify this in the past.”

Tony Padron- Instagram
Tony Padron- Instagram

The previous post in question was one of Tony Padron holding his sons. He asked fans for some feedback on which family member they looked like. He also mentioned Kody Brown in this post and how he thought that Archer got the Brown genes, whereas Ace is “all Padron!” Of course, Tony Padron’s fans loved seeing the comparison of the twins with their families, but he felt that the comments stepped out of bounds a bit. Nevertheless, Tony Padron got a lot of positive and loving feedback about his father too.

One of Tony’s fans wrote, “Tony, you don’t have to clarify anything to anyone ever! This is a beautiful family picture!” Another wrote, “It’s pretty disgusting that you need to clarify, your dad is a human, and that should be enough.” One more chimed in, “I bet he is over the moon proud! Y’all have some beautiful babies! I would have said ‘no, he’s not an alien, he’s from Earth’.” (Stupid questions sometimes deserve stupid answers.)

Ace and Archer Add Cuteness and Love

Mykelti and Tony Padron feel that they have been blessed with twins. They wanted to grow their family and Avalon has shown that she loves being a big sister to them. Tony Padron has really gotten a lot more respect from fans as of late. He has shown that he loves being a dad and it looks really good on him!

Taking care of a growing family can be tough when all three children are so young, but Christine and Aspyn Brown have stepped in to help. The Padron’s are very thankful for the help.


What do you think about Tony Padron having to defend his father’s citizenship? Tell us in the comments and keep reading TvShows Ace!


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  2. beautiful family 🙏❤️. Tony and Mekeltie. are blessed to have living family to help when needed. His parents are awesome and loving. love Bug extended family ❤️💙

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