Great Family Photo Op Of Tony Padron With Aspyn & Mitch

Tony Padron- TLC

Fans of the TLC show Sister Wives may recognize Tony Padron from his time on the show. He is married to Mykelti Padron, who is one of Christine and Kody Brown’s children. Tony and Mykelti have made cameos on the show since they married and moved. The couple recently welcomed twin boys, Ace and Archer. They have been swamped with parenting, but recently Tony was able to relax and unwind.

Tony Padron-Instagram
Tony Padron-Instagram

Tony Padron at Gaming Night

There’s one thing that fans of Sister Wives know about Tony Padron and that is that he loves to play games. Gaming is one of his hobbies and he even named his son, Archer after his gamer tag. Between his Instagram account and Myketli’s, there is a lot of love for these two boys. They have praised everyone that has helped them to take care of their twins and Christine has been a big part of that.

Not only has Christine helped Tony Padron and Mykelti with Ace and Archer, but it also looks as if Christine’s daughter, Aspyn has been a big help too. In Tony’s recently deleted Instagram Story, fans were able to see him with Aspyn and her husband, Mitch. In the photo, fans saw that the trio looked to be at a gaming store. They were at a table playing games and Apsyn was holding a baby. This was a perfect photo opportunity for Tony and his family.

Mykelti Padron-Instagram
Mykelti Padron- Instagram

It appears that Aspyn and Mitch just bought a house that is pretty close to Tony Padron and Mykelti. Along with Christine, it looks like they are all in Utah. This is perfect for Tony and Mykelti who may need a lot of help with their boys. Having twins can be a handful and they have a young daughter, Avalon, too. They’ve got a full house, but that’s what family is for, right?

Feeling Blessed With Double Trouble

When Christine first heard that Mykelti and Tony Padron were having twins, she was shocked. The family was overwhelmed with joy, but they all knew what this would mean. They would most certainly have their hands full taking care of Ace and Archer. Christine has shared with her fans that Mykelti and Tony are wonderful parents. Fans can just feel the love when they see their posts on social media.

Tony recently shared with his fans that he was “overwhelmed with cuteness” and he tagged Robyn Brown in the photo. She actually sent the twins some adorable onesies and he wanted to show her some love. Fans were shocked to see her name show up on Instagram since she hasn’t been on social media in years!

Fans can keep an eye on Tony and Mykelti here on Tv Shows Ace.

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