‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Viewers Grossed Out By Unlikely Food Combo

Vanna White & Pat Sajak [YouTube]

Wheel of Fortune viewers didn’t see this puzzle coming. The unlikely food combination grossed them out. It took place during Wednesday’s broadcast of the classic game show. The category was “Food & Drink” and revealed a chilling snack that most fans never heard of.

Wheel of Fortune viewers get sick to their stomachs

During Wednesday’s broadcast of Wheel of Fortune, the puzzle asked for a snack under the “Food & Drink Category.” The episode featured players Michelle, Paschal, and Rachael. Michelle ended up guessing the puzzle, which left viewers unsettled. There were six letters left on the puzzle board.

She wasn’t sure by her own guess. “Garlic… ice cream?” Michelle asked. She was in shock by her response. Host Pat Sajak exclaimed: “That’s it!” The puzzle revealed the unlikely ice cream flavor.

Contestant Paschal [YouTube]
“I think after vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry it’s the fourth most favorite ice cream in the country,” Pat joked. “Not this country. But some country.”

Wheel of Fortune fans took to Twitter to share their reaction. Most of them were grossed out over the thought of this sweet and savory treat. It made them turn their stomachs. Here are just some of the comments:

  • “Really? Garlic ice cream?!?! I’ll pass.”
  • “Sorry, I NEVER heard of this flavor. It sounds absolutely disgusting.”
  • “Is there such a thing as GARLIC ice cream?”
  • “Wheel of Fortune, ‘Garlic Ice Cream.’ Who eats that???”
  • “Wait, so garlic ice cream is a thing? Gross.”
  • Garlic ice cream?!?! I’ll pass.

America’s Game Show shocks fans with innuendo

This comes just weeks after Wheel of Fortune aired its Disney-themed holiday episodes. Last month, the game show asked its players to guess a holiday snack. Some fans thought the shocking puzzle made America’s Game Show more PG-13.

This puzzle also took place during the “Food & Drink” category. One of the players guessed “Buttery Chestnuts.” At the time, Pat didn’t say anything about the racy puzzle. He moved on with the rest of the game.

Wheel Of Fortune Food & Drink Puzzle [YouTube]
However, Wheel of Fortune fans couldn’t stop talking about that puzzle. They felt that it took the game show into a late-night version. Others were shocked that producers allowed the puzzle to take place when they had Disney characters. They also exclaimed that they never heard of such a snack before.

  • “Buttery Chestnuts just bumped this episode of Wheel of Fortune to PG-13.”
  • “OK, #WheelOfFortune, what the heck are ‘buttery chestnuts?’ And no, I am not looking for a joke definition that could easily be posted to Urban Dictionary.”
  • “Not gonna lie. I solved the puzzle quickly, but I didn’t know chestnuts could be buttery.”

What are your thoughts on Wednesday’s puzzle? Did it gross you out? Have you ever tried garlic ice cream? Sound off below in the comment section.

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