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‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Fans Nuts Over Intense & Competitive Game

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Wheel of Fortune fans went nuts over an intense and competitive game. They haven’t seen anything like this in a while. It felt more like a sporting event. Even host Pat Sajak lost his mind. This comes after he had to sit down during a previous broadcast. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, viewers called out a painfully slow contestant who disrupted the flow of the show.

Host Pat Sajak gets into the game

Pat Sajak’s head spun when two contestants went up against each other in a heated game. On Thursday’s broadcast of Wheel of Fortune, they were neck-and-neck with huge winnings. This led to an exciting game of the classic game show. It’s the most intense show that fans have ever seen in the history of the show.

Wheel of Fortune Broadcast [YouTube]
Season 40 of Wheel of Fortune premiered in September. It’s had its share of historic highs and epic fails. Fans went crazy during the latest broadcast. They don’t remember when this show was ever this competitive. The two contestants tailed behind each other in a lofty battle.

Horror movie buff Danielle and her fellow contestant Breauna were prepared for Wheel of Fortune. Both of them have been waiting for this moment for most of their lives and it was obvious to the viewers. Danielle started off the game strong, as Breauna conquered the following round.

Breauna & Pat Sajak During Bonus Round [YouTube]
Leading up to the bonus round, Danielle collected $27,000 while Breauna had $26,346. Pat was interested in this game. He couldn’t stop commenting about it. Pat called it a “very tight match.” He exclaimed there was only “thousand-plus separating the two ladies.”

Normally, Jeopardy! is the most intense and competitive game out of the two. Wheel of Fortune fans doesn’t get to witness such an intense show. Breauna took the lead in the final round. Danielle walked away with $27,7000, while Breauna went into the bonus round. She guessed the clue correctly within six minutes. She won $70,846 as Pat Sajak exclaimed: “Wow!”

Wheel of Fortune fans lose their minds over the showdown

During the broadcast, Wheel of Fortune fans took to Twitter to share their reaction. Most of them haven’t seen such an intense episode like this before. They loved the competitive streak between the two players. They agreed that it was a “very riveting episode.”

  • “$27,700 is one of the highest non-winning scores I can remember on WOF.”
  • “Wow, what a solve on that last ‘phrase’ puzzle!”
  • “Intense battle between the ladies, amazing winner! I love it!!”
  • “Poor guy getting crushed!”
  • “Wow, not gonna lie, this is a very riveting Wheel of Fortune episode.”

The show even shared the incredible moment on its official Twitter page. What are your thoughts on Wheel of Fortune fans going nuts over this intense and competitive game? Do you agree it’s one of the most intense moments in the history of the show? Sound off below in the comment section.

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