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‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Went PG-13 With Innuendo, See How

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Wheel of Fortune went PG-13 with an innuendo. Once again, things got racy on the family-friendly game show. Some fans paused their screens during one of the rounds. The show put an adult twist on a classic holiday treat on Wednesday’s broadcast. Keep on reading for more.

Adult holiday-themed snacks

One round included the category “Food & Drink.” Host Pat Sajak asked the players to guess a holiday food item. Wheel of Fortune fans didn’t expect a surprising twist. Michael won the game show in the end with $55,000.

Vanna White & Pat Sajak [YouTube]
He tried to guess the PG-13 puzzle. Michael asked: “Buttery donuts?” The players were confused as they stared at the puzzle board. Julie realized that the bottom word had an “H” and “Nuts” at the end. She guessed: “Buttery chestnuts!”

Pat exclaimed: “Yeah, that’s it!” Wheel of Fortune fans lost their minds at the holiday innuendo. Some had to pause and take a good at their screens. They couldn’t believe the adult twist on the classic phrase “roasted chestnuts.”

Tanino Guesses Racy Puzzle [YouTube]
Somehow, “buttery chestnuts” sounded raunchy. The fans rushed to Twitter to share their thoughts on the puzzle. Some never heard of this suggestive snack before. Others thought “roasted chestnuts” was more common around the holidays.

  • “Buttery Chestnuts just bumped this episode of Wheel of Fortune to PG-13.”
  • “Ok, #WheelofFortune, what the heck are ‘buttery chestnuts’? And no, I am not looking for a joke definition that could easily be posted to Urban Dictionary.”
  • “Not gonna lie. I solved the puzzle quickly, but I didn’t know chestnuts could be buttery.”
  • “Pat Sajak was biting his tongue tonight on the puzzle ‘Buttery Chestnuts.'”

The game show host didn’t make a joke about the puzzle after the round. Pat likes to make inappropriate jokes. Yet, he didn’t go there during the holiday-themed episode that featured Disney characters. Fans were shocked that the producers let this one slip in.

Things get “Wet & Wild” on Wheel of Fortune

This is just months after Wheel of Fortune fans were in shock over a “Wet & Wild” answer to a puzzle. The show returned for its 40th season with a new puzzle board. During the round, the contestants had to guess a clue under the category “Same Letter.”

Player Tanino guessed the puzzle after just a few rounds. “Warm, Wet & Wild” he responded. He won $3,800 and a trip to California worth $7,650. Tanino went on to win the bonus puzzle at the end of the show too.

Unfortunately, he managed to gross out the viewers at home. Wheel of Fortune fans tweeted their reaction. One asked: “LMAO, who is writing the #WheelofFortune clues this season?” Another simply wrote: “Ew.”

What are your thoughts on Wheel of Fortune going PG-13 with another innuendo? Does this surprise you? Do you think they should cool it on the racy puzzles? Sound off below in the comment section.

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