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Lucky ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Player’s Winning Streak Comes To End

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A lucky Wheel of Fortune player’s winning streak comes to an end. Fans were upset when the contestant lost during the bonus round. Host Pat Sajak revealed the huge amount they lost out on. Keep on reading to learn more.

What you missed on Wheel of Fortune

On Friday’s broadcast of Wheel of Fortune, one big competitor made it all the way through the bonus round. He impressed fans with his quick wit. Unfortunately, he lost out on the bonus round.

The competitors were Hetal Patel, Michael Brown, and Paul Bellamy. Michael is a police officer who was on a lucky winning streak. He made it all the way to the bonus round. However, he struggled once he got there.

Wheel Of Fortune Contestants [YouTube]
Host Pat Sajak asked him which category he wanted to choose for the end. Michael chose the category “What Are You Doing?” he guessed the letters “M,” “P,” “C,” and “H.”

The puzzle practically gave away the answer. However, Michael stumbled and couldn’t figure it out. He answered “Applying Yourselves.” Pat revealed that the correct answer was “Applying Ourselves.” Michael looked down at the floor in disappointment. Pat revealed that the gold envelope in his hand revealed that the contestant would’ve won an additional $50,000 if he had gotten the puzzle right.

Pat Sajak & Michael [YouTube]
Michael still walked away with $21,940, which he collected through his winning streak. He won over Wheel of Fortune fans, who were shocked by his loss. He managed to correctly guess the other puzzles in the other rounds. Michael even guessed quicker than his fellow contestants, which is the reason why he won so much in cash and prizes.

Pat Sajak is a gentleman with another player

Unfortunately, losses are common in Wheel of Fortune. During Thursday’s broadcast of the game show, player April Woolley from Hawaii competed against Eden Keffelew and Joshua Barlow. April racked up $28,762 in winnings and made it to the bonus round.

However, she was overcome with nerves. Pat asked April if he could hold her hand. She responded: “You can hold my hand, of course!” Pat used to hold the hands of the female contestants during the bonus round but has stopped doing it for the past three seasons due to the pandemic.

Michael & Pat Sajak During Bonus Round [YouTube]
Wheel of Fortune fans was happy to see this gentlemanly side of Pat. Thankfully holding her hand helped because April wasn’t nervous anymore. She solved the puzzle in seconds and won an additional $40,000. April won $68,762 plus a Disney vacation that’s located in Hawaii.

What are your thoughts on the other Wheel of Fortune player’s winning streak coming to an end? Were you shocked as well? Sound off below in the comment section.

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