‘SW’ Fans Call Kody Brown Out: What Sacrifices Did Robyn Make?

Kody and Robyn Brown

Sister Wives fans bashed Kody Brown for claiming Robyn Brown made sacrifices to get preferential treatment from him. When the Tell-All host Sukanya Krishnan asked him if Robyn was his favorite wife, he claimed the question was very unfair. However, the Brown family patriarch noted that she isn’t a favorite, but someone who earned his favor via sacrifices over the years. Did Robyn Brown really sacrifice to earn Kody Brown’s love and attention? Keep reading to find out the details!

Kody Brown Values Loyalty Over Love

The 53-year-old claimed that Christine had a twisted view of his relationship with Robyn. He even added that both Meri and Janelle were quick to dismiss Robyn while walking over their relationship with him. The father of eighteen confessed that he values loyalty and respect over love. He suggested that his three estranged wives never respected him but his favorite wife does.

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“Robyn is the one that he is most comfortable with. I have seen Kody be more comfortable with different ones of us throughout the years. It’s not always exactly, exactly equal. It really just is based on who you have a good relationship with,” explained Meri.

Kody Brown Claims Robyn Never Played Any Games

Answering Sukanya’s question on whether Robyn is his favorite wife, Robyn Brown said, “That’s the most unfair question. You don’t have any idea the work she has done. What she has done as a person. The sacrifices that she’s made. The games that she hasn’t played.”

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However, on Reddit, fans claimed that Kody Brown’s claims that Robyn sacrificed a lot don’t hold water. The OP wrote, “Kody talking about the ‘sacrifices’ Robyn has made. She got an 11-day honeymoon no other wife got. Other wives paid money for the ‘McMansion’ Robyn is in now. One wife gave up her legal marriage to Kody for the sake of him being able to adopt Robyn’s children. What sacrifices has SHE made?”

Sister Wives Fans Question Robyn Brown’s Sacrifices

One Sister Wives fan quipped about Robyn Brown’s so-called sacrifices. They mentioned how she only had Kody Brown every 4th night while they were engaged, while others never got that privilege before they got married. Robyn also let the wives think they participated in picking her dress for the wedding until Kody blurted the truth. Moreover, she entered the family with a huge debt and allowed the wives to work hard for her and clear the debt.

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Robyn also sacrificed by not burdening other wives with her kids. So, she hired a nanny with the family funds. Not just that, she also sacrificed a lot by giving up the ideal family setup in Las Vegas and moving to Flagstaff to stay close to her son Dayton Brown.

What do you think of these sacrifices Robyn Brown made to earn Kody Brown’s favor? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Robyn has sex with him, that is till he doesn’t want to have sex with her. I think he is having trouble having sex and blaming the other wives. Other than that, robyn has been draining the fam funds from day one.

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