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Irredeemable: Can Robyn & Kody Brown Win Fans Back?

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Is it possible for Robyn and Kody Brown to ever redeem themselves? They have seemingly done so much harm within their own family. Then, they both placed the blame on everyone else but themselves. Both refuse to take any accountability for the demise of their plural family which is a hard pill for fans to swallow. So, is there any chance for redemption or are they irredeemable? Read on to see what the fans have to say.

Irredeemable: Can Robyn & Kody Brown Win Fans Back?

Kody Brown came off horribly during the Season 17 tell-all. Not only did he place an incredible amount of blame on his ex-wife, Christine but he was very evasive. He refused to answer any questions about his fourth and only wife, Robyn. It seemed that he was being protective of the only wife who, in his eyes, had been truly loyal. That was a slap in the face to Janelle, who was always by his side. She even claimed that she really did respect him up until recently.

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Robyn also came out with her own claims as to why Kody Brown’s marriages failed and it had nothing to do with him. Add in the fact that Kody growled at the tell-all host and it is questionable if they can ever redeem themselves. A Reddit thread was started to address this situation. “Are Robyn and Kody beyond redemption at this point?” it started. Then, the OP went on to add: “Correct answer: Yes. They are trash people.”

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As for the fellow Redditors, did they agree? “After the stretch mark comment and that Kody values “respect” over love, yes, yes they are,” one noted. At one point, Robyn said how she watched the wives’ bodies change but Kody still showed love. It was cruel. Another added: “I was done with Robyn when she called Christine a liar for saying they had problems since Vegas. Kody’s moment was when he told Ysabelle to go to surgery by herself. There’s no coming back from that, yet they keep trying to outdo themselves.”

But Wait, There’s More

Fans felt Kody Brown pushed the limit beyond repair when he mentioned his sons getting their “pencils wet.” To openly discuss your young sons’ intimate lives on television was crude. More was discussed when it came to Robyn and her body shaming so Redditors fought back. “The nerve if that woman wearing elective wearing clown make up for the past two years discussing other women’s bodies after giving birth. You look stupid on purpose, they had natural body changes.” There was more but essentially, this was the nail in the coffin for many viewers.

Some even suggested that people stop watching the show but that will probably never happen. Do you think Robyn and Kody Brown are irredeemable at this point? Let us know in the comments.

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