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Kody Brown Sinks To New Low, ‘SW’ Fans Appalled

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Sister Wives cast member, Kody Brown has hit a new low. During the Sister Wives One-On-One special, he shocked fans with his harsh words. Host Sukanya Krishnan has been prying about what he thinks went wrong in his marriages. It looks like Kody Brown isn’t making any fans with his latest comments.

Kody Brown- TLC
Kody Brown-TLC

The Brown’s Failed Marriages

Just last year, Christine Brown broke the news that she was leaving Kody. This shocked fans and many felt that there was no way that this could happen. Christine made claims that she had been unhappy for years. Her marriage to Kody Brown seemed very one-sided and she knew that she needed out. Kody wasn’t exactly supportive of raising their children. She pointed out that there were times when her older kids had to take care of their siblings. Christine’s marriage crumbled right before her very eyes and she couldn’t take it any longer.

Shortly after this season finished, we got the news that Janelle Brown had ended her marriage too. Fans always assumed that Janelle would follow Christine’s lead and leave Kody. They were right! Christine and Janelle’s friendship is very close and it only made sense for her to leave too.

Kody has many children with Christine and Janelle and his sons have been gunning for him lately. Paedon Brown has been open about his father and how he feels about him. The COVID rules that Kody put in place really did destroy their relationship with their father. It appears that now Kody has some harsh words for his children.

The Tell-All Disaster

While Kody is working on his marriage to Robyn Brown, fans aren’t sure if it will last. During the Sister Wives One-On-One tell-all special, fans were appalled to hear what Kody had to say about his sons. As he was chatting with Krishnan, he shared some thoughts that none of his fans ever thought they would hear. In fact, Redditors were quick to share their thoughts on Kody’s words.

After the tell-all aired, Reddit exploded with their thoughts on what Kody said. In fact, Redditor started the thread called, “Did Kody just say… ‘So my boys could get their pencil wet.'” As soon as this thread went up, others were quick to share their thoughts too. Another Redditor added, “He never misses an opportunity to degrade women or insult Janelle or Christine’s sons. He is so gross!” Another added, “Just when I thought I couldn’t think lower of him.” One more chimed in, “Wow! He even degraded his sons’ choice of girlfriends. He’s not even referring to them as his sons any longer. What a piece of s**t dad.”

Sister Wives-TLC
Sister Wives-TLC

Kody Brown has done it now! Fans are concerned about how his sons must be feeling after these comments. They are appalled by just how low he will go.

Fans can find more information on the Browns here on TvShows Ace.

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  1. Hmm so Kody whose or who was “married” to four women and at one time was getting his “pencil” wet every fourth night with each of them is judging his adult sons for having adult relationships.

    News flash Kody you were sleeping with one legal wife and screwing your side pieces, disREPECTing all of the “wives”

    Kody is so ridiculous that he doesn’t get that his adult children can form opinions about what they see and hear and witness all by themselves, without any input from Christine or Janelle. Sadly it seems he compares all of his children to Robyns perfect obedient, loyal, respectful children. Maybe a spinoff could be call Kody and Robyn and the Stepford children.

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