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Kody & Dayton Brown Both Schemed, While Gabriel Suffered?

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Back in 2018, the Brown family moved to Flagstaff and coincidentally, Dayton Brown announced that he has been accepted into a college that is also located in Arizona. Although when Dayton shared this news with the family, Kody and Robyn Brown acted oblivious, fans feel this was a pre-planned move. Seeing how Robyn couldn’t stay away from Dayton, especially knowing that he was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, it seems obvious that the move was planned to support him. However, in doing so, they did Gabriel dirty. Why did the Flagstaff move affect Gabriel? Why was he heartbroken? Keep reading to find out the details!

Gabriel Brown Was The Rising Star In His School

While most children in the Brown family struggled with the big move, Gabriel was the one who was affected the most. Even his mother, Janelle Brown was reluctant at first about yanking her son from the Nevada school so close to his graduation. However, leaving him behind wasn’t an option. So, despite not wanting to, Gabe was forced to move to Flagstaff.

Gabriel Brown Sister Wives YouTube

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Gabriel was also the most vocal against moving to Flagstaff. He was 16 and about to start his junior year of high school. Moreover, the Sister Wives star ranked 10th among over 800 students academically. In short, he was a rising star and even ranked among the best students on the wrestling team. He was friends with almost the entire school and had a girlfriend he was seeing for almost a year. So, giving up his well-established life in Las Vegas was heartbreaking.

Kody Brown Risked His Children’s Future For Dayton

Talking about how Kody and Robyn planned the move in favor of their son Dayton, a fan shared a video on Reddit. The video showed Kody announcing the move after which Dayton announced that he had received a scholarship to a school in Arizona.

“Kody acting like it’s a surprise and as though Dayton hasn’t already been accepted! Sneaky, awful people,” wrote a Sister Wives fan.

Gabriel Brown Kody Brown YouTube

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Another agreed and stated, “So transparent. He acts like he didn’t know and then asks Robyn if she wanted to announce the news. What news Kody?? 37 seconds ago you didn’t know there was news.”

Gabriel Brown Sister Wives YouTube

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A third fan mentioned how Kody’s non-favorite kids struggled from the move. They wrote, “The other kids all know the truth. It’s so sad. They’re all giving up their futures so that Kody can cater to his favorite wife. The fact that Kody can’t just be honest about it is gut-wrenching. He could have just said that he and Robyn are moving to Flagstaff and that the rest of the family can join when they graduate or whatever…. But he ripped his other children from their schools under threat and guilt. He’s terrible.”

Fans Feel Kody Was Only Concerned For Robyn

A fourth fan even suggested that he could have simply let Meri, Janelle, and Christine stay behind with the kids. They claimed that at the time of this big move, he wasn’t physically involved with the other wives and only Robyn mattered to him. So, he could have simply let them be in Las Vegas. Uprooting his other kids for the favorite bunch was cruel to the former.

Kody Brown Sister Wives YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Do you think Kody, Robyn, and Dayton schemed to swerve things in their favor? Share your thoughts in the comments and do not forget to watch Sister Wives every Sunday on TLC!


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  1. Absolutely, everyone knew this was the reason for the move. Kody didn’t show any concern for what his kids would be giving up. Why couldn’t Dayton move to school campus? Lots of kids do this with out mommy tagging along. Robyn can’t seem to cut those apron strings. Instead the rest of the family suffered emotionally and financially. Sobbing Robyn gets what she wants .

    1. kody brown is a total creep!! he is a pig to women, he is cruel to his kids and thinks he and his “curley locks” are gods gift to everyone around him. why are people bothering to watch this pig or read this crap about him!

      1. Self centered, all about himself. I think the other wives are lucky to be disliked by him. Meri is not smart enough to leave, Janelle seems close. Christine finally woke up and bolted. Robyn can have him all to herself. Yikes that would stink. Feel for all his biological kids. He favors steps over them. And One question, does he ever really work?? Never seen him with a good job or contributing. All he seems to give is bad advice and make stupid financial decisions.

        1. Kody is all out for Robyn and her kids. The hell with the other family members. Kody is and Ass and he doesn’t use judgement very well I just don’t understand the ladies are you that blinded for a lie he does not tell the truth about anything and they believe him the people that suffer is the kids. And I don’t like him at all.

    2. I cried with Gabriel, and was mad that Janelle went along with all this. We all knew it was because of Dalton the minute, they announced that Dalton was accepted for that School. Kids did so wrong by Gabriel it made me stop watching.

      1. It’s always been about lazy lazy robin, and her kids she and Cody live off of the other wives, they should be ashamed!!!! Robin will never work she thinks she is special!!! They schemed meri in to divorcing kody so lazy robin could marry him!!! And thank the Lord Christina got out, now Janell needs to get out and so does meri and let robin have him!!! And they will both have to get a job because nobody wants to watch them too on TV!!!!

        1. I think Janell sees what this has done to her kis and she’s hating it. Poodle Boy needs to away. I think Janell is next to fly away. There’s so much ugly in Poodle Boy I can’t begin to say. Everybody has said it all and I so agree. He has showed his true self on TV throwing his tantrum.
          He acts like he’s about 5.
          Robyn is pathetic crying all those crocodile tears. Makes me want to puke! I knew she was trouble when it showed her the first time. She’s conniving.

    3. You are correct in every word! Who would want to stay in a loveless situation.
      If Kody Brown has shown anything it’s the fact that he follows all the polygamist traditions that the leaders all went to prison for. How much contact does he really have with his older children. If he truly cared he would never have told Janelle to put her older boys out when one was saving on a down payment on a home. I’m proud she stood her ground over her kids.
      He is disgusting the way he treats them and yes Robyn looks phony all the time.

    4. I fully agree but Robyn

      n kody need the financial stability of the other wives. In order to go .. just like sister closet extremely expensive for silver and fake stones. Yet their closed. I think the reason why meri likes her is because Robyn helps Meri get around things. In she treats her better than the other sister wives. To be honest i would like to watch a brown spin off with everyone but Kody and Robyn..

    5. Robyn is evil, she planned on breaking up the family from day one! It’s time we hear from her three older children’s biological Father!!!

  2. All the other wives meant nothing to kody. All he did and does is to keep robin happy.That’s all he cared about .
    Everyone in the family suffered because of this move. Robin,are you happy ?
    Anything else you want to do to wreck the family robin ?

    1. I have said from the very first time she appeared on the show she was a fake, phony snake in the grass, that she could not be trusted. All that fake crying. I just don’t like her at all and I have tired.She better be glad I wasn’t her sister wife and talked to me like she did to Christine, I would have lost my💩 on her, she sure would of been crying 😂😂.. But karma will get her you know the old saying, she will loose him the same way she got him. By another younger snake in the grass and we all know he can’t be with one women 🤣!

  3. I definitely think Kody moved to Arizona for Robyn’s family. I remember in an episode them talking about moving so Dayton could attend college there. He only cares about his and Robyn’s family. I think he is a very selfish and narcissistic human. I am team Christine all the way and wish Jennell would follow her.

    1. personally I think Janelle is getting all her ducks in a row before she leaves. she has to have some assets otherwise she’s going to leave completely broke but that’s just my opinion

      1. Kody never loved any of his wives. I have never seen them interact like people that are in love.They are pawns you do what I say and then everything will be great. what a jerk. I’m the patriarch what the heck is that. Your supposed to be a loving husband as Christ loved the church. And loving and nurturing father to your children. Not a raving jackass DEMANDING RESPECT. RESPECT is earned not expected.Hes not a man he’s a dictator. He doesn’t have enough balls to be a man. Run ladies run. you deserve much better.

    2. I agree. it does seem that Cody favours Robyn and his family with her. Just my opinion but he seems to be using the beliefs that they fought against. eg. He now is the partriac! and if you don’t follow my rules you are not worthy of being my wife anymore!!!? He definitely has chosen Robyn and is living a monogamous relationship.

    3. agree. Kody is a creepy narcissist. He so blatantly avoids any accountability. These dudes love to spread their seed but are not able to be a true dad to so many . nor a decent husband to multiple wives. He is so self involved. Christine is amazing in that she woke up and stood up to this dude. Other wives need to confirm what a pig he is . I’m sorry to insult pigs.

  4. absolutely Robyn has wrecked this group,from the beginning it has been apparent. whatever robyn she gets.and if she doesn’t well turn on the tears. must admit I have never seen a grown woman cry so much.oh guess she is just 16.

  5. Asperger’s is a mild case of autism. One has difficulty in social situations and are socially awkward. My son was diagnosed with it when he was 9. it is not as life threatening as Robyn makes it out to be. Classic helicopter mommy me

    1. So true, my grandson and my son have it, I show some signs and no it’s not life threatening. We all live pretty much normal functioning life’s you learn your tics and work around them. She is just wired about those kids, why does she think hers are so much more important than the others. I think I do remember her saying her parents lived there as well just another reason they went. She is a snake in the grass. I also don’t believe that they had to be married for him to adopt those kids.She claimed it was for their well being in case something happened to her or Cody. Claimed she was scared her ex would try and take them, but he had already signed his rights over at that point he had no say so over her kids and 2 of them were almost grown the other 2 are Cody’s. He had to sign his rights off in order for them to be adopted. All they had to do was a name change and a paper stating who would be thier legal guardian if anything were to happen. People adopt kids all the time without being married if it’s a deal like that, it wasn’t like they adopted through the state or agency. That was all in her plan and the 3 other wives fell for it hook line and sinker. That’s pretty much what happened to Mary and Cody’s realtionship she got depressed and started talking to the cat fisher on line.. She started on Mary then slowly moved on to the next one, she had her plan in motion when she became the fourth wive

  6. Kody you are such an egotistical asshole!!! you think you are so hot and wonderful when all you are is a jackass!! You and Robin deserve each other! She’s just as bad! Big ol cry baby!! Kody you don’t love ANY one else but yourself and Robin! Including your other kids and they know it! Meri you’re just stupid for staying to be used. He never loved you and dang sure doesn’t now!!!

    1. It has been obvious for quite some time now that Robyn was/is Cody’s favorite. Good for Christine for leaving his a$$, Meri looks desperate and Janelle is close to hitting the road with her kids. Cody deserves all the backlash! He’s a piece of 🤬

  7. Kody is an total ass. He acts like everyone is against him, he made his bed lay in it with Robyn, another mousy ass. They do deserve each other..

  8. Kody is a true narcissist. He was interested in seeing how many babies he could make, but was not interested in being a father. He created the situation he is in. All should leave him. He’s only really married to Robin. She’s the only one that matters to him. The more drama the better for TLC. They don’t feature any one who gets along.

  9. I haven’t even read the article yet but what are you people doing bringing Dayton into this? Kody’s a jerk we all know that and it definitely seems like his favorite wife has mastered manipulating him into doing what she wants without him realizing it but to say that Dayton who’s practically a kid has schemed with Cody against other children it’s just ridiculous. I feel so bad for the people that write stuff like this because they must not have anything better to do. even though there are other people who played a role in all this, Kody really is the main one. he gets really comfortable with one wife and her children to where he neglects the rest of them and he can’t be surprised when they start to divorce him one by one.

  10. He a snake in the grass and a sorry excuse of a man. He thinks fans don’t like him because Christine has been bad-mouthing him. couldn’t be further from the truth, but he’s that arrogant…and stupid. Sobyn Robyn really could care less about Meri. stick with me??? hahahah that was hilarious. and sobbing on meri’s shoulder was … well I call BS!!!!!
    He wants everyone to go away but Robyn and her kids. Family was doing good until she got in it. wonder what really happened with her first marriage? If she’s not #1, she’s not happy. she does everything for attention!!!!

  11. I think the real Kody is now showing himself. I am so glad Christine left and Janelle will be next. Meri – well he is so over her but she is too insecure to make a move. I always wondered why he picked this move to Flagstaff. Now I understand. How long do we all think he will be bringing another wife int this horror show? He needs the show money so let’s see. Run Janelle Run!

  12. Once his wives couldn’t or were unable to produce more children to boost his ego.. he lost interest in them sexually. Waiting to see if another wife is on the horizon! Wonder how Robyn will handle that? Just my thoughts.

    1. I really wish someone could find the clip a few seasons ago where Robin said something like she couldn’t deal with having him at her house everyday. Ha!! How do you like it now Robin? He’s all yours! She is probably hating life long about now. Lol!!

  13. Kody is a jerk and Robin is a freaking bitch!!! They deserve each other. Did you see how kody acted for the camera last week? A knife in the kidney? What’s jerk! I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking this. I hope they cancel the show, so they will be force to find real jobs. I’m Christine’s side all the way. I can’t wait to see her succeed. Way go Christine.

  14. I feel so sorry for Christine and Janelle. I am so thrilled that Christine left and finds a man, a real man all for herself. None of this sharing business. she’s beautiful and is a fabulous Mother. Now it’s time for her to be happy. As far as Kody goes he will get what’s coming to him. Christine enjoy your life, find a man and hug your children. God bless.

  15. I feel so sorry for Christine and Janelle. I am so thrilled that Christine left and finds a man, a real man all for herself. None of this sharing business. she’s beautiful and is a fabulous Mother. Now it’s time for her to be happy. As far as Kody goes he will get what’s coming to him. Christine enjoy your life, find a man and hug your children. God bless.

  16. Robin Brown is the most manipulative, sneaky and two faced woman ever! In addition Kody Brown is a weak, dishonest and should never talk about what marriage means or what God wants us to do or be. Kody has been leaving Meri blowing in the wind for years. If your married to four woman you better make those marriages work no matter what. He picks and plays favorites and it’s so hurtful. Robin pulls the strings and he plays. Shame on both of them a n d their blatant disregard for marriage and more than that good human beings like Christine, Janelle and Meri.

    1. I fully agree but Robyn

      n kody need the financial stability of the other wives. In order to go .. just like sister closet extremely expensive for silver and fake stones. Yet their closed. I think the reason why meri likes her is because Robyn helps Meri get around things. In she treats her better than the other sister wives. To be honest i would like to watch a brown spin off with everyone but Kody and Robyn.. the sad part is i think in poly merriage they should live together yes i liked the big house idea

  17. If Robyn’s parents live close by why couldn’t Dayton live with them? That way everyone could have at least stayed until high schoolers graduated! All for one child, Robyn’s!! So glad Christine left, Janelle should follow and Meri should be at home in her B&B!! No man will treat me the way Kody has them and definitely not my children!!

  18. I think it’s pretty obvious that the funds needed for the Flagstaff move and buying Coyote Pass property required the money from the Las Vegas home sales. Otherwise Cody & Robin would never have been able to get their million dollar home.

  19. At first I enjoyed watching the show. I felt bad for them even though I would never be a polygamist I supported their choice but as the seasons continued I really thought Kody was an ass and narcissistic idiot so I quit watching but just reading articles I know now that Kody only loves Robyn and continues to be married to the others for show. It’s like he kept getting married until he found the one he really wanted to be with. So in short the ladies need to leave unless you guys just want to be in the limelight.

  20. just loved reading the comments.. This was one of my favorite shows.. Now I watch the older episodes when they first started airing to see if I missed something.. Robin is his favorite and he doesn’t seem to care much about the other kids like he once did.. I’m glad Christine left but Truly won’t have the upbringing the other children had.. Mary should have been left Idk why she stays they don’t have no relationship AT ALL.. AND poor Jenelle is trying her best to move to the property.. Kody and Robin is in no hurry because then Robin couldn’t have him as much..

  21. Kody doesn’t want anyone besides Robin and her kids.Kody is just mad because he thought the others would stick with it.It makes him look bad in the church’s eye he couldn’t control the other any more. Its about being able to control the wives and kids and he no longer can do that. I thought it was funny when he said he no longer wanted to see Christine because that is the same as saying no didn’t want to see Truly. He told on himself by saying that.

  22. First, I have been married to one man for 54 years.
    Meri was my favorite. Just because you talked to someone on line you are not worthy of him? Run dear Run. Find a man who loves you, Kody doesn’t.
    Christine, so glad you left. when he went nutso about COVID and wouldn’t go with you and his daughter for her surgery…grrrrr Enough for me!!! No sex, no love, goodbye!
    Janelle, follow Christine and leave the idiot!
    He doesn’t love you now that he has Robyn as his only wife!!!! Run fast!!!
    Robyn, I liked you but you have ended up scheming, conniving and guess you win the prize, Kody. He won’t be with you long, he only loves Kody!!!
    Kody, I do not believe in your marriage ideas but you are getting back what you deserve…karma. You have broken the hearts of three women with your narcissistic ego.
    you think only Kody knows! You don’t. stab me in the kidney??? no, stab you in the heart.

  23. yes I feel that Cody and Robin and Dayton schemed and uprooted all the family all the children with no consideration for anyone but themselves. I also think Cody is so mad at Christine because he’s not the one that told her they were done he’s not the one that got to treat her badly like Mary has been treated. the difference between Christine and Mary is Christine had the guts in the self-esteem and the self-worth to get up get out and move on with their life and find happiness for her and her children. I hope and pray that you know and Mary will also find that courage everybody deserves to be happy. he no longer wants to be a polygamist and he’s just pushing them all away and he blames the women instead of himself well he has showed we have seen that all he cares about is Robin as far as the children I haven’t seen him interact with any of them and many years now nor take their feelings into consideration.

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