Is Ice-T Leaving ‘Law & Order SVU’? Fans Find New Clues


Ice-T dropped possible clues on social media that he could leave Law & Order: SVU. Fans noticed that he’s posted some cryptic tweets that were unlike him. He took to his Twitter account to express his frustrations about a particular situation. He posted a quote and an old interview clip that has fans putting the pieces together. Keep on reading for more and see his tweets for yourself.

What did Ice-T post on Twitter?

On Monday, January 9, Ice-T shocked fans when he posted a cryptic message that read: “Nobody understands how much pain and anger it took for you to be this calm.” The fan-favorite only tweeted the diamond emoji. It appears that he’s upset about something. At the time of this writing, his tweet received over 11.7K likes and over 2,000 retweets.

Ice-T [Holding Court | YouTube]
[Holding Court | YouTube]
On that same day, Ice-T tweeted an old interview. During the conversation, he talked about “playing it safe” in the industry. The entertainer talked about the importance of taking risks in one’s career. He tweeted: “Sometimes you just gotta say ‘F*** it’ and go for it.”

Law & Order SVU fans upset over fan-favorite leaving

Most fans appreciated the cryptic messages. They flocked to Ice-T’s tweets to thank him for the reminders. Some didn’t realize they needed this source of motivation. However, some Law & Order: SVU fans feared that he was hinting about leaving the show.

Fans can’t help but notice that he could be teasing his exit from the long-time series. One fan wrote: “You’ll be missed Ice T.” Another added: “Can’t believe ur leaving.” A third one shared that he was the “best part of the show.”

Ice-T shuts down the rumors

There is no other indication that Ice-T plans to leave the show. On that same day, he shared a behind-the-scenes clip of an upcoming episode. He gave the fans what they want. Most of them have been demanding more “SVU behind the scenes.”

Over the years, Ice-T has denied the rumors that he plans to leave the show. Some fans think that Law & Order: SVU has become Mariska Hargitay’s show, and yet he agrees. In a statement with Smashing Interviews, he said that he couldn’t do the show without her.

“I made a statement that I’ll be there until Mariska leaves. I think the show is Mariska’s show,” Ice-T told the outlet. “I don’t think Mariska can be replaced, and fortunately, she’s still out buying s**t. So as long as she keeps spending money, I think I’ve got a job.”

Even if these were out of character, Ice-T still loves to post quotes and life messages on Twitter. What are your thoughts? Do you think he’s leaving SVU? Sound off below in the comment section.

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