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‘Law & Order: SVU’ Detective Mark McDaniels Looks Familiar, Why?

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There is a very familiar face on Law & Order: SVU this season. This new face is Detective Mark McDaniels. In the eighth episode of the new season, Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) investigates the death of McDaniels’ child.

Law & Order: SVU fans know they recognize the actor playing McDaniels from something, and we have everything you need to know about who this veteran actor is.

Who plays Detective McDaniels on Law & Order: SVU?

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The episode of Law & Order: SVU is another topic ripped from the headlines. When Detective McDaniels’ daughter Aida dies, he tampers with the evidence at the murder site. While this makes him look guilty, his reasons painted a sad picture. This is a misgender situation, and the detective gets rid of all the evidence that she identified as a female.

Detective McDaniels felt he failed to support his daughter, and her life, even after her death. While he is a good man, he knows that what he did was wrong and showed he still couldn’t support who his daughter was. While fans watched his amazing performance, many knew he was familiar, but he is almost unrecognizable today from the day he was a top star.

Greg Grunberg played Detective Mark McDaniels on Law & Order: SVU. Fans of television shows in the early 2000s will know Grunberg from the Jennifer Garner TV series Alias. In that series, Sydney Bristow was a former secret agent who learns she was working for the enemy and set out to redeem herself. Michael Vartan played her handler, Michael Vaughn, and Grunberg was his best friend, Eric Weiss.

He then returned for the superhero series Heroes as Matt Parkman, a beat cop looking to bring in a serial killer named Sylar (Zachary Quinto). However, a lot of people will recognize him for his later role in the Star Wars sequels where he played an X-Wing pilot Snap Wexley, who first appeared in The Force Awakens.

Greg Grunberg from Law & Order: SVU in Star Wars | YouTube

What is happening this season on Law & Order?

Law & Order: SVU Season 24 sees Mariska Hargitay back as Captain Olivia Benson, leading the team investigating sex crimes. The team looks very different from when Olivia and Stabler were partners with Munch and Fin rounding out the main team. Fin is still around, and Stabler appears as a crossover character.

This is the last season for Kelli Giddish as Amanda Rollins. It is also the first to feature Molly Burnett as Grace Muncy. This is also the first season to feature David Graziano as showrunner.

Are you enjoying the new season of Law & Order: SVU? What has been your favorite episode so far this season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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