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Kody Brown Breaks Silence, Finally Gives Meri What She Needed

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It wasn’t until the Season 17 Tell-All of Sister Wives that fans really felt like they got some real closure and answers on Kody and Meri Brown’s relationship. Fans have suspected for years these two were not a couple and only came together to film new episodes of the series. There have even been anonymous sources over the years who have come forward and claimed they only interacted while filming the show and weren’t in any type of relationship.

During the Tell-All, Meri Brown watched as Kody told the world he didn’t consider her to be his wife. Moreover, she watched him tell the world they hadn’t been husband and wife in a long time. And, he would be alright with her finding someone else to be with.

Meri Brown Sister Wives YouTube

It was clear that Meri Brown was still very much in love with Kody and wanted to be with him. But, he decided they were no longer married. So, that must be how their relationship was going to go. At the time, however, Meri was adamant that she would absolutely reconcile with Kody if the door was open. Sadly, Kody’s door appeared to be sealed shut.

Kody Brown finally gives Meri what she wanted

Now, Meri Brown did NOT want to end things with Kody based on everything she said in the show. But, when it became apparent he wanted to end things with her, she wanted to issue a statement to the world. During the Tell-All, she admits that she approached Kody and asked him if they should issue a statement saying they were no longer together. Kody shut the conversation down and told Meri he wanted to keep the status of their relationship private. Fans suspect Kody didn’t want to tell the world because it would hinder the TLC series from continuing to move forward.


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With Janelle separated from him and Christine dumping and running, Kody was in a different place. Suddenly, losing a wife wasn’t an unusual thing for him. His ego was already trampled on by Christine leaving him. So, today, Kody Brown finally gave Meri what she wanted when their relationship soured. The opportunity to issue a statement. So, they could share their truth. In the caption attached to her statement, she said she finally felt like she was back in control and had power of the situation.

Why do you think they decided to issue a statement now? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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