One-Sided Split: Meri Brown Still Not Leaving Kody?

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Is Meri Brown still sticking by Kody in this one-sided split? Clearly, from what she has said in the tell-all, it was not necessarily what she had wanted. More so, the official ending of their marriage came after Meri saw all of the things Kody had said about not considering himself married to her. Furthermore, she saw that he did not mind or really care if she were to leave and find someone new. Yet, is she sticking around even though she knows and says it is over? Read on for more details.

One-Sided Split: Meri Brown Still Not Leaving Kody?

From what viewers learned in the first two parts of the Sister Wives tell-all, Meri Brown was done with Kody. Though she admitted she would be open to reconciliation, she also said she did not think that would happen. Meri, who wed Kody in 1990, had heard all of the things he had said about their marriage. Though she had maintained that she was in this for good on the show, the aftermath was far too much. She finally realized that Kody had called the time of death for their relationship.

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However, in a clip from TLC for part three, it appears she might not be as willing to leave as she portrayed. Host Sukanya Krishnan asks Meri Brown if she will continue to stick around. Mainly because she has been there for 32 years. Meri explains that she realizes that Kody has yet to realize that she is the “sh*t.” Therefore, she doubts that he will recognize this anytime soon. She then says that maybe he is just at a place where he thinks that she is not for him.

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Meri adds that he could end up changing so Sukanya asks her if she will wait. There is no real answer to this. She seems to want to stay because she has always been very much in love with Kody and the family. Unfortunately, she also knows that this is really over and she cannot wait forever because she is missing out on life.

What’s Next?

It is unclear where Meri Brown stands with the plural family. No one knows what will happen with the lot of Coyote Pass and whether or not the Browns will keep it. Kody is now down to just one wife and they have made no effort thus far to build on it. Plus, they still owe a lot of money on the property which is due this year. Meri never really cared much about living on CP whereas Janelle was adamant about getting a home built on the land. It will be interesting to see if the next season explores that or if it all comes out prior.

Do you think Meri Brown will ever really break free of Kody? Let us know and watch part three of Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday on TLC.

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