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Confused ‘Sister Wives’ Fans Ask What ‘Wet A Pencil’ Means

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Confused Sister Wives fans are asking what exactly “wet a pencil” means. This was a quick phrase that Kody Brown used in part three of the Season 17 tell-all. However, he said it so quickly that it left fans baffled as to the exact meaning. They took to Reddit to not only get some clarity but to see if anyone else was in the same boat. Read on for more details.

Confused Sister Wives Fans Ask What ‘Wet A Pencil’ Means

In the last part of the Sister Wives tell-all, Kody Brown was talking about all of the safety precautions he took for his family. During the pandemic, he wanted to be the only person who went from home to home. This meant that the wives and kids had to follow his strict protocols for the overall safety of everyone involved. Unfortunately, he did not feel that his sons with Janelle (2nd wife) were respecting his boundaries. Gabe and Garrison were living with her at the time with Gabe having a girlfriend while attending college.

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Garrison was simply an essential worker saving up for a down payment. As Kody recalled his frustration with his boys, he noted that they put everyone at risk just to get their “pencils wet.” This left fans scratching their heads as to what this meant. A Reddit thread was soon started. “Who else had no idea what “wet a pencil” meant? 😂😂😂,” the thread started. “It’s certainly not something said by anyone I’ve known in my life but I knew what he meant when he said it. Holy hell was it cringy, though,” one immediately replied.

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Another added: “Did you ever go to junior high school? That’s usually where that phrase is used. And it shows Kody’s level of maturity.” That was followed by this: “I had never heard that term before either. It’s so gross to talk about your kid’s sex life.” Finally, a Redditor shared: “Everyone else knew, it’s just you that didn’t know.” The biggest issue was almost not that people did not know but that Kody openly talked about his sons in such a manner.

No Filter

Kody Brown has become more unhinged as the Sister Wives seasons have progressed. His anger has mounted and that was clear with the way he hacked into his lemon. When he and Janelle went out for a lunch to discuss their marriage, the focus was less on that and more on his plethora of lemons. Then, it turned to how he obsessively clawed into a lemon, not just squeezing it but using his fork to obsessively drain it dry. He’s peculiar and the “pencil’s wet” comment was just a new low, even for Kody.

Did you know what the Sister Wives star was referencing when he said that? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Cody is so disrespectful to women
    He is a terrible father and a person in general
    Thank god these women came to their senesces
    He’s nothing without their income
    Robin is going to see the light soon now she has to put up with him 😂

    1. I did not know since English is not my first language. I was looking it up and immediately stumbled upon this link.

  2. I don’t know if Kody realizes that TLC audience is mostly women. But I was so disguised and offended by the remark. He is vulgar and disgusting and has no reason to be acting like a child. Janelle’s sons won’t speak in that manner. She and Christine did a great job raising those kids. Their mom is a lady and wouldn’t put up with that type of talking. I could never see the Dargers speaking in this manner. And it goes to show that it’s Robin that has caused him to act in this manner. He acts like a love starved child. I am so done with TLC

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